The Kidnapping of Princess Rukmini

Music by
Parividha das, Dwarakadisa das & Aprameya das

Lyrics by Parividha das

Based on chapters of KRSNA "The Supreme Personality of Godhead“
by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Princess Rukmini
Sri Krishna
Sri Balarama
King Jarasandha
Prince Rukmi
The Brahmana
Gaurangi dasi
Kripamoya das
Jayadeva das
Arjuna das
Dwarakadisa das
Parividha das
Thakur Bhaktivinoda das


Gandharvika dasi - Suvrata dasi
Michael Carless - Parividha das - Thakur Bhaktivinoda das

Keyboards by Dwarakadisa das and Aprameya das
Engineered by Dwarakadisa das
Mastered by David Raine
Directed and produced by Parividha das © 1999


Narrator: The king of Vidarbha, Maharaj Bhismaka had five sons and one daughter. His eldest son was called Rukmi and his daughters name was Rukmini. She was very beautiful, intelligent, liberal minded and chaste. From the many saintly persons and sages like Narada Muni, who visited her father’s palace, the young princess came to know about Sri Krishna and simply by hearing about Him, she desired to surrender herself to the Lord’s lotus feet and become His wife. All of her family members and relatives also agreed that Rukmini should be given in marriage to Krishna. All but one - her eldest brother Rukmi. Despite the desire of all the other family members, he arranged for her marriage with his friend Sisupala. When Rukmini discovered this, she became very morose. She knew she had only one cause of action. She decided to send a message to Krishna and so that she might not be deceived, she selected a qualified brahmana as her emissary.
Princess Rukmini: O best of the brahmanas, could you please do this for me?
Brahmana:My dear Rukmini, I feel very fortunate to convey your message to Lord Sri Krishna.
Of course I’ll go.

Princess Rukmini: O thank you.
Narrator: Without delay the brahmana left for Dvaraka city. Having reached the gate of Dvaraka, the brahmana was led by the doorkeeper to the room, where Lord Sri Krishna was residing. There he saw Him, seated on a golden throne. The Lord immediately got up and offered His throne to the brahmana, after which He worshiped the brahmana exactly in the manner in which the demigods worship Him. He thus showed that to worship the devotee of the Lord is more valuable, then to worship the Lord Himself. In due time the brahmana took his bath, accepted his meal and went to rest. As he was resting Lord Sri Krishna silently approached his bedside. Putting the brahmana’s leg on His lap he began to massage them.
Sri Krishna: Best of the brahmanas, are you resting peacefully?
Are your religious practices proceeding without too much difficulty?
When a brahmana is satisfied, come what may and does not fall way from his duties
then he’s qualified and can acquire the fulfillment of his desire.
One, who’s not satisfied, he wonders restlessly, whatever he may be,
even as Indra he’ll see only difficulty.
I offer my obeisance’s to the brahmanas and vaisnavas, because brahmanas are
always self-satisfied and vaisnavas are always engaged in actual welfare activities.
Therefore they are the best friends of the people in general, as they are both free
from false egoism and are always in a peaceful condition of mind.
Tell Me, are all the citizens of your kingdom satisfied?

Brahmana: Yes, my Lord.
Sri Krishna: Then your king must be well qualified. Now if you have no objection please speak about your mission.
Brahmana: My Lord, I have come from Vidarbha, which is ruled by our dear King Bhismaka, whose only daughter Rukmini is to be married to Sisupala. Although all the family members and relatives wanted her to be given in marriage to Your Lordship, her eldest brother Rukmi arranged her marriage to his friend Sisupala.
Sri Krishna: Hmmm.
Brahmana: Princess Rukmini requested me to deliver you this message.
Princess Rukmini: O infallible and most beautiful one,
those who hear about You,
absorb through their ears Your name and fame
fixing Your form in their heart, all their suffering departs.
I may be shameless in express
hose who see,
You have taken my heart, thus captivating me.
If that, which is meant for the lion to eat, is taken away by the jackal as a treat.
Won’t that be a most ludicrous affair? Therefore lion amongst men please come here.
Hurry, please hurry, before Sisupala will dare.
Hurry, please hurry! He intends to run off with that which is Your share.
My dear Lord, if in my previous life I have done public welfare work or pious activities.
If Lord Narayana is pleased by these activities
I pray that You will take my hand instead of Sisupala and friends.
I want You to be my husband and I dedicate my life
and if You will be my husband, I’ll be Your eternal servant and wife.
As my marriage is already settled, the only way for me is to be Your wife is that You come here and rescue me. The best time for this would be when I’m going from the palace to the temple or when I’m returning home. To obtain Your favor is not as easy, as even Lord Shiva has to purify himself for this purpose, therefore if it’s not possible in this lifetime, I will observe severe austerities and penance’s life after life.
I want You to be my husband and I dedicate my life.
O if You would be my husband, I’ll be Your eternal servant and wife.

Brahmana: Ahum!
Sri Krishna: Thank you, thank you very much for delivering this message to me. I’m indebted to you for the trouble you have taken.
Brahmana: My Lord, please carefully consider, what to do,
but if you want to help in this connection, there is not much time left for action.

Sri Krishna: My dear Brahmana, I’m so exited that Rukmini has invited me to kidnap her.
I’m so glad she has sent you as I’m eager for her too!
Also my mind has been absorbed, thinking of her, longing for us to unite.
And because of my constant thinking of her I can’t even sleep at night!
It’s so obvious that her brother Rukmi, out of enmity towards Me,
has promised Rukmini to Sisupala, hah of all people, Sisupala! How typical!
As fire is extracted from wood I’ll take Rukmini away
from the midst of all those princes, who are up to no good
and those, who protest I’ll slay!
Vali! Tell Daruka to harness the horses! I want to leave immediately!

Narrator: Upon receiving the order Krishna’s charioteer Daruka brought Krishna’s chariot and four special horses. The first one Saivya was green, the second Sugriva was greyish like ice, the third, Meghapuspa was the color of a new cloud and the last Balahaka was of ashen colour. With the chariot ready to leave Krishna helped the brahmana up and gave him a seat by His side.
Sri Krishna: Please, hold on tight!
Narrator: The horses were so fast that they covered the distance between Dvaraka city and Kundina, which was of not less than one thousand miles in only twelve hours. Meanwhile in Kundina, King Bhismaka was not very enthusiastic about handing his daughter over to Sisupala, but he was obliged to accept the marriage settlement, due to his affection for his eldest son, who had arranged it. As a matter of duty, King Bhismaka was acting in great earnestness to make the celebration as successful as possible. The roads of the city were sprinkled with water and were decorated with colored flags and flower garlands. Several archways were constructed and incense was burning everywhere. The priests and brahmins were engaged in chanting Vedic hymns to counteract any inauspicious conjunctions of the stars. They were all given wealth and cows in charity by King Bhismaka Outside the city there were many gardens, where the guests were welcomed. Guest houses were constructed for their stay. There King Bhismaka welcomed King Damagosh, the father of Sisupala and his party, prominent Kings and princes such as Jarasandha, Dantavraka Paundraka and Viduratha. In the meantime Sri Balarama received the news that His younger brother Krishna had left for Kundina, accompanied only by a brahmana. He also heard that in Kundina, Sisupala was there with a large number of soldiers. Suspecting that they would attack His brother, Balarama immediately left for Kundina, taking with Him strong military divisions of chariots, infantry, horses and elephants. In the royal palace at Kundina, Rukmini was expecting Krishna to arrive, but when neither He nor the brahmana appeared she became full of anxiety.
Princess Rukmini: Where are they?
There’s only one night before my wedding day.
O where is Krishna? Where’s the brahmana? Where are they?
O how unfortunate I am! What could be the reason them?
Maybe Krishna has rejected my plan?
O where is Krishna? Where’s the brahmana? Where are they?
Maybe Lord Brahma or Lord Shiva are displeased with me
for worshiping them improperly?
Are they therefore trying to frustrate my plan?
Or is it Durga, who’s behind it all?
She’s the Himalayas daughter after all!
She is very cold and hard!
But at least there is some time left, there’s still some time left.
I’m fooling myself! I’m hoping against hope!
O where is Krishna? O where’s the brahmana? Where are they?

Narrator: When her tears became more and more forceful. Rukmini closed her eyes in helplessness. While thus being absorbed in her sorrow auspicious symptoms appeared in different parts of her body. Trembling in her left eye lid, and in her arm and thighs. Just then Rukmini saw the brahmana. She could then understand the auspicious signs in her body and she became overjoyed.Princess Rukmini: My dear brahmana, I’m so glad to see you.
Has Krishna come with you? Has He?
Brahmana: Dear Princess, I’m glad to inform you that Lord Sri Krishna has indeed arrived? He requested me to tell you that He promises to fulfill your desire without fail.
: Rukmini was so elated that she wanted to give everything she possessed to the brahmana. She looked around to find something suitable. Finding nothing adequate she simply offered him her respectful obeisances. When King Bhismaka heard that Krishna and Balarama had arrived he personally invited Them to see the marriage ceremony of his daughter Out of curiosity and eagerness the citizens of Kundina assembled before Krishna and Balarama and began to drink the nectar of Their beauty.
: If you Lord of Lords with our pious deeds,
then please show us Your mercy by marrying Rukmini.
Narrator: In the mean time Princess Rukmini, very nicely dressed and protected by guards came our of the palace to visit the temple of Ambika. As Rukmini proceeded towards the temple, she was very silent and grave. Within her heart she was thinking of the lotus feet of her Lord Sri Krishna. Princess Rukmini was accompanied by her mother her maidservants and by the wife of the priest. As the procession continued musician began to play. Rukmini was offered flower garlands, sandalwood pulp and coloured garments. to assist her in the worship of Lord Shiva and the goddess Durga. Having arrived in the temple the elder ladies led the prayers for Durga. Ordinary people pray to the goddess Durga for material wealth, fame, strength and so on, but nor Rukmini.Princess Rukmini: O mother Ambika, unto you as well as your children I offer my obeisances again and again. Please, please accept this offering and bless me that Lord Krsna will be my husband. I beg you.Narrator: While Rukmini was praying the offerings were presented to the Deity. When the ceremony was finished, Rukmini was offered the remnants as prasad, and she accepted them with great respect. Then catching the hand of one of her girlfriends she left the temple followed by the others.. All the princes and visitors, who had come to Kundina for the marriage were all assembled outside the temple to see Rukmini. Some were on horses, some were on elephants, while others were on chariots. They all gazed upon her beautiful features, comparing their own beauty with hers. Rukmini however was either proud nor interested in any of them. As she expected Krishna to come and carry her away at any moment, she proceeded very slowly towards her home. Her eyes moved restlessly and when she smiled her teeth appeared just like lotus buds. Her legs moved, just like a full grown swan and her ankle bells tinkled very mildly. As she was adjusting the ring on her left finger, she happened to look upon the princes and suddenly saw Krishna was present amongst them. All though she had never seen Him before Rukmini was always thinking of Him, and thus she had no difficulty in recognizing Her Lord.Princess Rukmini: Krishna! He’s here! Calm down.Narrator: Seeing His moment, Lord Krishna swiftly took the opportunity to lift Rukmini onto His chariot. Without fear He slowly proceeded towards the city gates. Meanwhile Lord Balarama appeared on the scene with soldiers of the Yadu dynasty. Stuck by Rukmini’s beauty several princes had fallen from the backs of their horses and elephants. They began to stand up and properly arm themselves.Princes What’s this? Should we all loose our reputation? Or are we waiting for an invitation?
Prince: Do we let this Krishna kidnap her without any opposition
I mean look, we are all chivalrous fighters! T. Just just look at our condition!

: And look, just look! Just look how he is flying! It’s like a jackal stealing booty from a lion!
: Picking up their weapons Jarasandha and the princes began to chase Lord Krishna. Rukmi however, seeing the seriousness of the situation decided to go and get his personal army, while Sisupala wasn’t capable of anything. He had lost all his energy and all the lustre of his body had disappeared In order to check the progress of Jarasandha and the princes, the soldiers of the Yadu dynasty faced them and terrible fighting between the two belligerent groups began. Determined to recapture Rukmini and defeat Krishna, Jarasandha and the princes fought with great passion. Seated by the side of Krishna, Rukmini looked upon the face of her Lord with fearful eyes.Princess Rukmini: O Krishna!Sri Krishna: When they realised they were being defeated and that Sisupala was incompetent to fight with Krishna, Jarasandha and the other princes thought it unwise to risk losing for his sake, therefore they ceased fighting and dispersed. Some of them as a matter of etiquette went to appeal to the floundering Sisupala, whose face was dried up in anguish. In order to cheer him up they spoke as follows.
King Jarasandha
: I myself lost seventeen times to Him and only once did I win,
but I never never lamented my friend or rejoiced,
because I know this world is driven by time and fate.
They have now conquered us because time favors them,
but be assured Sisupala my friend,
we shall be victorious when time favors us,
as you know this world is driven by time and fate.
Princes: Sisupala, you belong to the royal order.
Don’t be discouraged. Take courage!
King Jarasandha: Yes!Princes: Amongst fighters you are by far the best.King Jarasandha: Hmm, For you where’s the question of happiness or distress?
Princes: So take courage. Take courage.
King Jarasandha
: Sisupala, there’s no use in your lamenting. Nothing in this world is everlasting.
We’re just like puppets on a string. We’re dancing by the will of the Supreme, so,
Princes: Take courage. Take courage!
King Jarasandha: Sometimes we enjoy happiness, and sometimes we suffer and are full of distress.
Princes: So take courage. Take courage!
King Jarasandha: So, come on Sisupala.
Narrator: Now accompanied by his military forces, with great speed Rukmi began to give chase.
Rukmi: My friends, although none of you could intervene to stop Krsna kidnapping Rukmini,
that however doesn’t mean, that I’ll let her go so freely!
I’m not afraid to attack and unless I bring my sister back and kill that upstart Krishna, I’ll never come back to Kundina!
That cowherd has become over proud as my relative He thinks he’ll be allowed,
but with my arrows I’ll have my sister freed and have him bleed for his impudent deed!

Narrator: Thus Rukmi, ignorant of the strength of the Supreme Lord
Rukmi: Go faster!
Narrator: caught up with the chariot of Lord Krishna.
Rukmi: O defiler of the Yadu dynasty, Stop and fight with me!
Let her go free! Let her go free!
You are carrying away Rukmini, just like a crow stealing the gee,
meant for use in a sacrifice. Stop! Fight with me!
I shall relieve you of your prestige as I pin you to the ground with my arrows!
You fool! You deceiver! You cheater!

Narrator: Hearing these harsh words Lord Krishna fired an arrow, severing the string of Rukmi’s bow. Rukmi took another bow and Krishna disarmed him Krishna kept on disarming him in the same name way and finally killed Rukmi’s charioteer and horses. In desperation Rukmi took up his trident, lance and shield, but Krishna disarmed him again with his arrows. With nothing left but his sword Rukmi ran wildly at Krishna, but before he had reached Him, the sword too was cut to pieces. When Krishna then took up his own sword to kill Rukmi, Princess Rukmini pleaded with Krishna
Princess Rukmini: O Yogesvara, Jagadpati, O God of Gods, Please don’t kill him!
Please excuse him at this time just before our wedding.

Narrator: While Rukmini was thus praying to Lord Krishna, her whole body was trembling. Her face was paled, her throat choked and due to the trembling, the ornaments on her body loosened and fell scattered on the ground. Lord Krishna immediately became compassionate with her.
Sri Krishna : It’s all right devi, I won’t kill him.
At the same time Lord Krishna wanted to punish Rukmi in some way. Binding his hand with a strong cloth, He shaved off Rukmi’s moustache, beard and hair, leaving small patches here and there. While this was going on, the soldiers of the Yadu dynasty, commanded by Lord Balarama, had broken the whole strength of Rukmi’s army. When the commanders of the Yadu dynasty came to see Krishna, they were surprised to see the condition of Rukmi.
Commanders: Ah look! Oh!
Narrator: Lord Balarama became compassionate on Rukmini and to please her He personally untied Rukmi and spoke sternly to His younger brother.
Sri Balarama: Krishna! This goes against our family traditions!
Whatever he might be, he’s now part of the family
and he shouldn’t have been put in this condition!
To shave his mustache, beard and hair is really quite unfair.
Why, it’s almost the same as killing him!
O saintly Rukmini, please don’t be aggrieved,
each one of us receives the result of his own deeds
For land, wealth women or pride, ksatriyas easily have a fight,
And you should be gentle, but not sentimental!
And Krishna you should know, that even though
one’s kith and kin commits the greatest sin.
It is one’s duty to pardon him. It is one’s duty to pardon him!
O dear Rukmini, please don’t be aggrieved,
by lack of knowledge unhappiness is guaranteed
and it disappears as soon as one hears philosophy.

Narrator: Hearing Lord Balarama’s words of wisdom, Rukmini became pacified and composed. As far as her brother Rukmi was concerned, He had neither fulfilled his boasting promises nor succeeded in his mission. In his frustration he decided never to return to his father’s capital and resided for the rest of his life in the small village of Bhojakata.
Lord Sri Krishna brought princess Rukmini to Dvaraka city, where He married her accordingly.
Citizen: Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarakadisa kiCitizens: Jaya!Narrator: On this auspicious occasion all the houses, mansions and palaces were decorated with flags, flowers and garlands. Each and every one of them had a gate especially prepared for the wedding celebration, with big water jugs, filled with water on both sides. The whole city was flavored by the burning of sweet smelling incense and at night time thousands of lamps, illuminated the sky. Rukmini’s father, king Bhismaka, being approached by Lord Balarama and also persuaded by many saintly persons also participated in the marriage ceremony along with the Pandavas, king Dhritarastra, king Drupada, and from Vrindavan, Nanda Maharaja and some of Krishna’s cowherd friends. When the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the goddess of fortune were at last united together, all the people felt extremely blissful and their love for Lord Krishna and His queen Rukmini increased unlimitedly.

Amrita Gaurangi dasi
: When I heard your Princess Rukmini musical for the first time it touched my heart. Your plays are just so real. As I am a visual person, I am seeing it all in my mind. It makes me closer to Krishna, as if I am there. Thank you.
Sacinandana Swami: Our Krishna consciousness movement needs a cultural basis, because it's the human condition that it requires culture in order to grow and blossom. I'm very thankful to those who supply such cultural basis in their many endeavors. Especially I welcome your talent of presenting ancient Krishna consciousness through western musicals. I think that in times to come your productions will serve as a bridge, over which many sincere souls will walk into the blissful land of Krishna consciousness. This CD is no exception of your musical and Krishna conscious genius.

Nrsimhananda das (ACBSP) ITV Productions: I have dreams of producing movies of your musicals. The work is professional, and the messages inspiring. You have taken Srila Prabhupada's instructions to heart and dovetailed your producing and composing abilities in Krishna's service. The music is bold. The voices are celestial. You have created an admirable body of work, and have set the stage for ambitious productions. I hope to work with you.

Sravaniya dasi (ACBSP): Your musicals are delightful and imaginative! Not only is your work entertaining, but you have taken the care to keep it rigorously correct in scriptural details. The scenarios in the stories that amplify the themes are all properly portrayed. The only spin here is the tale. These CD's make great gifts for parents and their kids, - I mean knock-your-socks-off great. They are a real Trojan horse as far as getting the message across to a broader audience. Bravo!