Krsna Janma

Parividha das – Dwarakadisa das – Aprameya das
Parividha das - Dwarakadisa das - Citraketu das

Based on chapters of KRSNA "The Supreme Personality of Godhead“
by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Narrator / Washerman
Bhumi / Yasoda
Narada Muni
Sri Krishna
Lord Brahma
Lord Vishnu
Nanda Maharaja
Minister / Canura
Jayadeva das
Janardana das
Yaduraja das
Lilavati dasi
Suvrata dasi
Parividha das
Hari Kirtan das
Kripamoya das
Ranchor das
Sarva Mangala dasi
Sri Kama dasi
Sukadeva das
Dwarakadisa das
Sakshi Gopala das
Kaliyaphani das
Thakur Bhaktivinode das
Sakhyarasa Prema das
Titiksava Karunika das
Gandharvika dasi

Dhira Lalita dasi - Dwarakadisa das - Gandharvika dasiLilavati dasi - Parividha das - Sakhyarasa Prema das
Suvrata dasi - Syamasundar das - Thakur Bhaktivinoda das

Electric guitar by Titiksava Karunika das

Acoustic guitar by Aprameya das
Flute by Andrea Wilder
Keyboards by Dwarakadisa das

Engineered and mastered Dwarakadisa das
Directed and produced by Parividha das © 1999


Bhumi: Lord Brahma, please hear my plea, demons are harassing me
I don’t know what to do, so I’ve come to you
to ask for your help if you can, to protect the world of man
as their suffering increases day by day
Lord Brahma: I’m shocked by what I hear, O Goddess please arise
First of all, let me say to you how much I sympathize
and although I do agree that we should act immediately
I need some time to think it through, what will be the best for you
Bhumi: But the whole world; land, sea and sky
is endangered, being covered by
The military force of all these demons fighting wars
I need some help right away to keep these savages at bay
For their evil force increases day by day
Brahma: Hmm. I’m baffled what to do. Yes what to do
The only one, who can help is God Himself, the Supreme Lord Vishnu
The all-powerful and wise, for the Lord will surely know someway out for you
No doubt the key He will provide, so let’s go to Him and pray for His advice
Both: I’m sure that the Lord will have a plan how to save the world of man
All: Narayanam maha jneyam visvatmanam parayanam
Lord Brahma: Lord please hear our prayer
All: The earth is in despair, the demons have conquered all directions
We wait your command
Bhumi: Please tell us what to do
All: To receive your instructions, we have humbly come to you
You are the Lord behind everything that be
yet You are peacefully sleeping on the vast milk sea.
We know You’re aware of the earth’s great despair
so we are begging You show that You are hearing our prayer
Lord Brahma: O mother earth; bid farewell to your fear
Bhumi: I feel save here
Lord Brahma: Be full of mirth, as the Lord will soon appear
Bhumi: Should we wait for Him here
All: Jaya
Lord Brahma: He wants all of you to take your birth amongst the Yadu dynasty to precipitate His victory
All: Jaya! All glories to All glories to Sri Vishnu
Bhumi: Sri Vishnu
All: All glories to All glories to Sri Vishnu
Narada Muni: Narayana
Omen: Kamsa! You are such a fool!
You are driving your sister’s chariot

But you do not know that from her womb
the eight born child will bring your doom

Kamsa: What? Then I will kill her
Vasudeva: No Kamsa, No
O brother-in-law; you are your family’s pride. A warrior worthy of praise
How can you kill your sister on this her happiest of days
Kamsa: Let me go! I must kill her!
This is a question of saving my life. Let me go
I have to kill her, although she’s my sister and also your wife
Vasudeva: My dear Kamsa, please hear
From your sister there should be no fear
The omen spoke of one of her sons
This is what could be done
Kamsa: I don’t wanna know! I don’t wanna know
Vasudeva: Listen to me! The one to fear is one of her sons
so this is what I’ll do. I’ll hand each child to you
Devaki: Vasudeva
Vasudeva: I promise you
Kamsa: Each and everyone
Vasudeva: I’ll give you my word
Kamsa: Hmm. I don’t know
Devaki: But Kamsa please. Vasudeva is famous for keeping his word
Kamsa: I know I know. All right All right. Let the procession continue
Vasudeva: My dear Kamsa, as I promised you
to bring you my son, my son first born.
Into your hands I now commit him, accordingly as I have sworn
Kamsa: Dear Vasudeva, I’m so glad to see
how you have kept your word to me
With no attempt this child to save
So honest you are dear Vasudeva
I know this child does not pose a treat
It’s from the eight I fear my death
After all, it was the eight born
of whom the prophecy did warn,
So take him back. Take him back to Devaki. I’ll let him live
Narada Muni: Narayana Narayan Narayana
Kamsa: Can it be Narada Muni
Narada Muni: Kamsa
Kamsa: I’m truly honoured. Please please be seated
Narada Muni: I have some news, which you should fear
Why have you become so compassionate
Why did you return their first born son
Kamsa: Well I thoughtNarada Muni: How do you know, he’s not the one
The one prophecied to cause your doom
could be any child born of Devaki’s womb

Kamsa: True
Narada Muni: You should know that in a previous life your name was Kalenemi
You were a great and powerful king, but you were killed by your enemy, Sri Vishnu
Kamsa: Vishnu
Narada Muni: The same Lord Vishnu is destined to take His birth
From the womb of Devaki He will come to the earth
You should also know that many devas have taken their birth
Within the Yadu dynasty, they have all come to the earth
Kamsa: Thank you for this information Naradaji
Narada Muni: You’re welcome
Kamsa: Now may I take your leave? I have business to attend to
Narada Muni: Certainly
Kamsa: Kamal; Get my ministers. It seems the time has come to make my move
Naga; Arrest Vasydeva and Devaki. Shackle them in chains. I’ll deal with them later
Durya; Take my imperial guards, and have my father imprisoned along with his allies
Krama; Sent word to Jarasandha, Sisupala and Banasura
and tell them that I’m ready to formalize our union
Now I must deal with Devaki’s child
Vishnu: O all-auspicious Yogamaya
In the womb of Devaki is my expansion Ananta Sesa
Please transfer Him to the womb of Vasudeva’s other wife Rohini
He will be save there.
I Myself will take birth from the womb of Devaki
Dear Yogamaya; I want you also to grace the earth
Go to the beautiful village of Nanda and Yasoda, Gokula
and become their daughter
In time you’ll be known as Bhadra Kali, Maya, Durga and Vijaya
You’ll be worshiped by all mankind, to spirit's progress blind
Kamsa: What has happened to Devaki
Why she shimmers so effulgently

Is Vishnu in her womb
That means He will here very soon

I should kill her immediately
before this Vishnu can threaten me

But it would finish my reputation
O what an awkward situation

O what should I do with Devaki
She is carrying my enemy

She is pregnant and under my care
To kill her now would be most unfair

After I die I will certainly dwell eternally in hell
O what is to be done with Devaki
Surely Vishnu is in her womb

Am I doomed? Is it all finished
Ah, if I could just wait until he is born

Then I could do the needful. Yes ( Laughs)
Devas: Thou, who are true to His vow. The Supreme
True in three phases of time
The well spring of truth. The indweller of truth
The truth of all truth sublime
Thou, who are seen by the knowers of truth
as the root of all that be
Whose body and being are truth
O Lord, we surrender to Thee
Mother, all fortune to you in your womb
the Lord is appearing to save us from doom
Fear not for Kamsa is already undone
Sri Vishnu, our savior has come as your son
Lord Vishnu: My dear mother and father
In a previous life, you were ordered by Lord Brahma to create progeny
Fixing Me in your mind you endured rain, wind, scorching heat and severe cold.
You ate only the leafs fallen from the trees and practice the process of breath restraint.
After 12.000 celestial years I appeared before you in the same form as you now behold
When I asked your desire, you requested the benediction of having Me as your son
And so in due course of time I have fulfilled your wish
I know that you are very concerned that Kamsa will try to kill Me
Therefore once I have transformed Myself into a child
to relieve your anxiety, please take Me to Gokula
and exchange Me for the daughter
just born to Yasoda, the wife of Nanda Maharaja
Devaki: Vasudeva, at last the Lord has become our son
Vasudeva: What a beautiful child
Devaki: Ah my baby
Vasudeva: Devaki
Devaki: O Vaudeva, can this really be happening?
O how I longed

Vasudeva: O how I’ve prayed
Devaki: To be with you
Vasudeva: To have You as my son
Devaki: To finally hold You in my arms
Vasudeva: But to make sure He won’t be harmed, I have to take Him away
Devaki: No ! Please
Vasudeva: My beautiful child
Devaki: Beautiful child
Vasudeva: I’ve never felt such love
Devaki: Such love
Vasudeva: as I feel for you
Both: O how it breaks my heart, we have to part.
Will I see you again

Devaki: Goodbye my son. Will I see you again
Vasudeva: Devaki! The chains
Devaki: Ah
Vasudeva: I think it is time to leave
Guard 1: Wake up! Wake up
Guard 2: What
Guard 1: Listen
Guard 2: O the child is born
Guard 1: We must inform the king. Move! Your majesty
Kamsa: Eh, what
Guard 1: Your majesty, the child is born
Kamsa: Ah! The prophecy! He’s here. Give me. No, wait
I can’t delay. I have to kill him before night becomes day
I have to hurry. I have to be strong. Yes, he’ll be dead before long
Devaki: Kamsa
Kamsa: Give me the child
Devaki: O please no
Kamsa: Give me that boy Devaki
Devaki: It’s a girl! It’s a girl
Kamsa: What
Devaki: My dear brother, please don’t kill her. Let her live as my daughter
The omen spoke about a son, so please excuse this little one
She’s just a girl. What is she to you? You’re a king. What can she do
My dear brother; please let her live as my daughter
Kamsa: Give me the child
Devaki: Please no
Kamsa: I said give me the child
Devaki: No
Kamsa: Give it to me. Now
Durga: Kamsa! Why so cruel
You think you can kill me? Hah!You pathetic fool
I’m Vishnu’s sister Durga by name
Your plan to kill my brother is insane
Did you really think you could escape the prophecy
Yes tremble Kamsa, be filled with fear
for your death is very near
My brother, who will kill you, has already taken His birth
sometime before me, somewhere on this earth
therefore stop these atrocities to your poor sister
Do you hear me? You’re doomed
Kamsa: Devaki! Vasudeva! What have I done
I have killed your children. My nephews. How could I have done this
I don’t know what will be my fate? To undo what is done is too late now
Since the omen I heard appears untrue, killing your children was most undue
I’m so evil. Not at all like you. O Vasudeva and Devaki I’m so ashamed
Forgive me please. Forgive me. I beg you on my knees
Vasudeva: O Kamsa, not only yourself, but everyone is fooled
who considers the body the self
He is by false conceptions ruled
On the basis of this ignorance,
we create for ourselves a false situation

Friendship brings jubilation, enmity causes lamentation,
envy, greed, madness, anger and illusion

This is how the human being is fooled,
by false conceptions ruled

Kamsa: Your words are so true Vasudeva
I was under illusion, confused. My mind twisted
The prophecy wasn’t real. How could you ever forgive me
Brahmanas: om madhavo madhavo vachi, madhavo madhavo hridi
smaranti sadhaya sarve karyeshu madhavam
om svasti no govinda, svasti no’cyutananto
svasti no vasudevo vishnur dadhatu
svasti no narayano naro vai
svasti nah padmanabhah purusottamo dadhatu
svasti no visvakshenu visvesvarah
svasti no hrisikeso harir dadhato
svasti no vainateyu harih
Nanda Maharaja: Thank you. Thank you everyone. Thank you
I would like to thank you all for making this glorious occasion
even more special for Yasoda and myself
As you know I have to go to Mathura tomorrow to pay our taxes
But that is no reason for the celebrations to finish
I trust you can manage without me. Bring out the feast
All: Jaya
Kamsa: So this is what I’m going to do
Prophecy or no prophecy, If I am destined to be killed
then how can I escape my fate? Hmm? What do you think
Naga: Your majesty; are you sure this is the right thing to do
Durya: One moment please
Krama: This sounds very alarming
Durya: We have to change his mind
Naga: But how
Krama: Yes how
Durya: We can just kill all newborn babies
Krama: But how do we do that
Durya: Putana
Naga: Yes, that sounds perfect
Krama: Ahum! Your majesty
Naga: We have an idea
Kamsa: Really
Ministers: We can just kill all the children
who are born within the last ten days
Kamsa: How will you do that
Durya: We know a lady, who knows various ways
Kamsa: Very clever indeed, but the devas, won’t they intercede
Naga: You don’t have to worry about this foe
Krama: They are all afraid of the strength of your bow
Durya: Even if they did want to stop us
Ministers: They wouldn’t dare to do so
Kamsa: What about Lord Brahma
Naga: O, he’s to busy with meditating
Kamsa: Hmm. And Shiva
Krama: Hah! He is living as a hermit in a forest
Ministers: And Indra can’t compare with you
in neither name nor fame, so let’s kill all the children,
who are born within the last ten days
in villages, towns or pasturing grounds
Kamsa: I’m convinced. Go look for her
Krama: By the way, if we see a Brahmin, or a cow
Should we kill them too
Kamsa: A cow? A Brahmin? Why
Durya: You see your majesty, a cow gives milk
Naga: Milk is needed to make ghee
Krama: Ghee is used by the Brahmins in the worship of Vishnu
Durya: And by killing the Brahmins and cows
there will be no more sacrifice to Vishnu
Ministers: And Vishnu will die! (laughter)
Vasudeva: Nanda
Nanda Maharaja: Vasudeva, you have been released
How wonderful! My dear friend; how are you? And how is Devaki
Vasudeva: We both are fine now. Thank you
Dear Nanda, I’ve heard the good news that you finally have a son
Nanda Maharaja: O yes! You should see him. He is so beautiful
Vasudeva: My dear Nanda, seeing you again fills me with new life
Unfortunately, due to our karma
we are sometimes separated from our dear friends and relatives
Nanda Maharaja: Very true
Vasudeva: But tell me. How are things in Gokula
Is everything there peaceful
Nanda Maharaja: Since the birth of my son, thing couldn’t be more wonderful
Vasudeva: How is my son Balaram? Does he treat you as his father
Nanda Maharaja: Bala is fine and his mother too
Vasudeva: O very good
Nanda Maharaja: But how about you
You must be quite upset with the loss of all the sons you had
Vasudeva: It was a hard time
Nanda Maharaja: But my friend, don’t be aggrieved
try to see the hand of destiny
determining the end result of all of life’s activities
Knowing this philosophy frees one
Vasudeva: From anxiety (Both smile) Nanda. Nanda
Nanda Maharaja: Yes
Vasudeva: I have this strange feeling that there will be some disturbances in Gokula
Nanda Maharaja: Really? What sort
Vasudeva: I don’t know, but may I suggest you return home as soon as possible
Nanda Maharaja: Of course. I’ll go at once
Durya: Your majesty; this is Putana
Krama: She is very fond of children
Naga: And she loves babies
Kamsa: Are you as good as they say you are
Putana: Amongst witches I’m called Khecari
and this means, as you will see

that I can fly in the sky
on a branch of an uprooted tree

Putana is my name. Killing children brought me fame
Disguised as the fairest maid am I
The Goddess of Fortune to the untrained eye

They will think that Vishnu is my husband
For they will take me for His Laksmiji. Wouldn’t you

Putana is my name. Killing children is my aim
My breast is smeared with poison
to kill that Supreme Personality

Your majesty, tomorrow morning
you’ll hear the sound of mourning

Ministers: Putana Putana is her name
Putana: Putana is my name. Killing children is my game
Ministers: Putana Putana is her name. Killing children is her game
Putana: O yeah
Gopis: Govinda jaya jaya Gopala jaya jaya (4x)
Rohini: Look, look at that woman overt here
Yasoda: You mean the one with the lilies in her hair
Rohini: No no, the one coming through the door
Yasoda: I have never seen her face before, but what a beautiful woman is she
Rohini: The Goddess of Fortune she could be holding
Both: a lotus in her hand, she has come to grace our land
Putana: In my life I’ve killed many children
but this one looks different from the rest

Can’t wait. Can’t wait to give him my breast
I can see he is no ordinary boy
and this whole world he could easily destroy

But what have I Putana to fear
Come to mother my little dear

Come my darling. On my lap you may rest
O he looks a little hungry

Please take my breast
O! Ah! O child ah! O child leave me. Leeeeeeeeave me!

Narrator: When Putana failed to return, Kamsa continued sending assassins, but all of them perished under mysterious circumstances. In this way many years passed by. Then in order to hasten the fulfillment of the prophecy, Narada Muni decided to pay Kamsa another visit.
Narada Muni: Narayana.
Kamsa: Narada! I didn’t expect to see you again after your last advice.
Narada Muni: You mean about Devaki’s eight son?
Kamsa: Son?
Narada Muni: You didn’t know? A son was born to her, and then exchanged, right after his birth by Vasudeva.
Kamsa: No!
Narada Muni: Yes! The one prophesied to cause your doom
was certainly born of Devaki’s womb.

Kamsa: Vasudeva cheated me? I’ll kill him!
Narada Muni: But Kamsa, why are you so anxious to kill this Vasudeva?
If I were you I’d save my energy for the real treat, Sri Vishnu.

Kamsa: Where can I find him?
Narada Muni: He is now living as the son of Nanda Maharaja in Nandagram.
Though he plays like a boy, don’t be fooled by he and his brother Balarama.
Kamsa: He now must have reached the age of a youth. By what name is he known?
Narada Muni: It’s Krishna.
Nanda: Krishna.
Narada Muni: Yes.
Kamsa: (laughs) Thank you once again Naradaji
Narada Muni: My pleasure.
Kamsa: You truly are a friend. (Narada laughs) Now what to do?
Narada Muni: Why don’t you send someone those boys trust and have them lured here to Mathura? Nobody besides yourself can deal with Them.
Kamsa: I can see it is down to me. Thank you Narada. Thank you very much.
Narada Muni: Good fortune to you Kamsa.
Kamsa: Hmm. Now, what would entice two young boys to come to Mathura?
A festival. Yes! I’ll invite all the inhabitants of
Nandagram. I will send their uncle Akrura to bring them here. Their death, it should look like an accident. I’ll have that ferocious elephant positioned at the entrance to the arena and have him crush my enemies. And if by chance this Krishna avoids his fate, then Canura can invite him for a friendly game of wrestling. Ha ha ha. Yes! Kamal, get my ministers.

Gopa: Have you seen those canons Krishna? They are huge.
Sri Krishna: Yes, and they are all around the city.
Gopa: Look over there! Ah! I’m sure those gates are made of solid gold!
Narrator: When the news spread that Krishna was in the city many ladies and girls went to the roofs of their houses to see Him. Seeing a washer man, who has been dying some clothes
Sri Krishna: Excuse me.
Narrator: Krishna approached him.
Sri Krishna: My dear sir, we would appreciate if you could kindly donate
some of those clothes to decorate ourselves, as we’re going to celebrate.
I promise you that if you do, you won’t regret it,
as you will find that from today, good fortune will come your way.
Washerman: Boy. How do you dare to ask for a thing,
which is meant for the pleasure of the king?

And I don’t like being molested.
Be off with you, or I have you all arrested!

I have experience of this fact.
I’ve seen in the past how men were tracked,

who unlawfully took royal property.
How they were punished and arrested!
I will count to five and if you’re still here.
I make sure you get punished! You hear? One! Two! Three! Four!

Gopa: He really deserved that. Krishna is amazing.
By only using the side of his hand, he cut of the head of that man.
Tailor: My Lordship, if you would kindly allow me to,
I would like to make some garments to offer You.

Sri Krishna: Thank you for these lovely garments.
I bless you with a fine memory and good health.

You’ll have influence and wealth and after your demise.
In a four armed form, my dearest devotee
you will live in Vaikuntha and there serve Me.

Narrator: When Their Lordships came upon the house of a garland maker, he at once bowed down, placing his head on the ground.
Sudama: My Lord, though You are equally disposed as friend of the living entity.
You reciprocate with Your devotees, pleased by their activities.
My Lord, please order me, whatever You wish me to do.
It would be a great blessing to me, if I could do service for You.
Narrator: Understanding Their intention, Sudama, please at heart, presented Them garlands of fresh fragrant flowers.
Sri Krishna: My dear Sudama, I’m very pleased with you,
therefore I grant you that whatever your heart may desire will all come true.
Sudama: I just wish to remain in a pure devotional mood,
and a friend to all your devotees (should be: living entities) if I could.

Sri Krishna: Not only this I grant you, my dear friend.
You will be famous and healthy, beautiful and wealthy.

Sudama: My Lord!
Sri Krishna: And have a long life too.
Sudama: Krishna, You’re too kind.
Gopa: Look at that girl everyone!
Gopa 2: Which one? Oh, the hunchback?
Gopas: Oh! Poor thing!
Gopa: But she has such a nice face.
Gopa 2: O yes.
Sri Krishna: O tall fair maiden what have you there?
Is that ointment for your skin so fair?
Kubja: It’s for the king, who is very pleased
with the sandalwood he receives.
Sri Krishna: Why don’t you give us some?
Kubja: Why?
Sri Krishna: You won’t regret it if you do
Kubja: Hmm?
Sri Krishna: As you will become very fortunate. That I promise you.
Kubja: Oh beautiful boy, no one could be better served
with this pulp of sandalwood, then the likes of you.
Narrator: Her mind was overwhelmed by Krishna’s beauty, charm, smiles, words and glances. She gave both Krishna and Balarama generous amounts of sandalwood.
Gopas: Hurray!
Narrator: Then Lord Krishna pressed with both feet down on her toe and placing one upward pointing finger of each hand under her chin, he straightened up her body.
All: Oh!
Kubja: My dear hero, don’t leave me know. Why don’t you come to my place?
A beautiful boy like you could offer a sweet embrace. (Laughter gopas)
Sri Krishna: No doubt your invitation could free a man’s mental agitation,
but first let me finish my business here, then I’ll come and see you my dear.
Narration: Their Lordships made Their way to the arena, where a bow sacrifice was about to begin. Once in the arena Krishna saw the bow, which was so large it resembled a magnificent rainbow. It was guarded by all sides by a large company of soldiers. Krishna pushed His way through. Despite their attempts to stop Him, Krishna easily picked up the bow with His left hand, and strung it in a fraction of a second. Then to everyone’s amazement he pulled the string and snapped the mighty bow in half.
Kamsa: What is that noise?
Kamal: My Lord, Krishna and Balarama have entered the city!
Kamsa: They’re here? Hm! (to himself It is time.) To the arena!
Guard: Maharaja Kamsa ki
All: Jaya!
Minister: My Lord, are you all right?
Kamsa: I’m all right!
Narrator: Krishna and Balarama entered the arena. Sprinkled with the blood of the elephant Kuvaliyapida, They triumphantly carried his tusks on their shoulders.
Kamsa: Hm. So this is Krishna. Canura. Canura!
Canura: Yes your majesty?
Kamsa: Make sure that this boy doesn’t leave here alive!
Canura: Ha ha ha! No problem my Lord.
Hey Krishna, His majesty has heard so much about you
He ‘s very eager to see if it’s true.
He has heard that you and your brother
tend your cows and wrestle with each other.
We can see that your arms are long,
But now we like to know, how strong.
Come on, let’s wrestle, then the king will be pleased.
Or are you afraid your clothes get creased?
Sri Krishna: It is true, we like to engage in wrestling,
but with boys the same age.
Can’t you see for yourself, Our bodies are not very coarse.
They’re not at all as strong as yours.
And besides it wouldn’t be good
for the audience to see
this unequal fight between you and me.
Canura: He Krishna, we all understand
You are neither boys nor young men.
By hand you’ve killed an elephant to day.
So this fight is surely fair play.
So come on, come on. Let’s wrestle!
Yeah! Come on, come on. Let’s wrestle!
Let’s have a good fight with each other.
You and me and my friend Mustika with your brother. Ha ha ha!
Kamsa: Enough talking! I wanna see some action. Now!
Canura: So Krishna?
Narrator: Seizing each others hand and locking their legs, the opponents struck fists against fists. Knees against knees. Head against head. Chest against chest. Forcefully lifting, carrying and pushing each other, or holding the opponent down, the fighters hurt even their own bodies in their great eagerness for victory.
Women: What we are witnessing is sickening!
And no one is doing a thing.
How even in front of the king
No one is doing a thing. Can’t believe it1
No one is doing a thing! Oh! Ah! Oh!
It isn’t right to watch this fight!
It isn’t right to watch this fight!
Kamsa: Canura! Canura!
Women: To watch this fight. It isn’t right to watch this fight!
Let’s pray that they will win this fight!
Kamsa: O no!
Women: Let’s pray they do.
Gopa: Canura is dead!
All: Hurray!
Kamsa: Mustika!
Gopa: Jaya Balarama!
Gopa 2: Musitika is dead!
Kamsa: No!
Women: They won the fight!
Kamsa: Stop this celebrating! I order that these two sons of Vasudeva be immediately driven out of Mathura. The cowherd boys, who have come with them should be plundered and all their riches taken away! Nanda Maharaja should be immediately arrested and killed for his cunning behaviour. That rascal Vasudeva should also be killed without delay.
Narrator: As Kamsa thus raged on. Lord Sri Krishna intensely angry quickly and easily jumped up upon the royal dais.
Kamsa: Also my father Ugrasena, who has always been against my will should also be killed. Kill them all!
Narrator: Kamsa instantly rosed form his seat and took up his sword and shield. Moving quickly from side to side. Krishna grabbed him by the hair, and knocking off his royal crown, dragged Kamsa to the wrestling dais. Krishna straddled Kamsa’s chest, and striking him over and over, again Kamsa finally lost his life.
Kamsa: Aaaah!
Devas: Thou, who are true to his vow. The Supreme.
True in three phases of time
The wellspring of truth. The indwellers’ of truth.
The truth of all truth sublime
True in three phases of time
Thou, who are seen by the knower’s of truth
as the root of all truths that be
The shelter, whose body and being are truth
O Lord, we surrender to Thee.
O Lord, all glories to Thee
Gopa: Sri Sri Krishna Balarama ki
All: Jaya!
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Vishnu
All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni: Narayana
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Bhumi: Sri Vishnu
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni: Narayana. Narayana. Narayana
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Bhumi: Sri Vishnu
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni: Narayana. Narayana
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Bhumi: Sri Vishnu
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni: Narayana. Narayana. Narayana
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Bhumi: Sri Vishnu
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni: Narayana
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni + Bhumi: Jaya Sri Krishna
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni + Bhumi: Jaya Balarama
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni + Bhumi: Jaya Sri Krishna
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni + Bhumi: Jaya Balarama
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni + Bhumi: Jaya Sri Krishna
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni + Bhumi: Jaya Balarama
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna
Narada Muni + Bhumi: Jaya Sri Krishna
Devas: All glories to. All glories to Sri Krishna


Vaishnavi dasi: I have your CD "KRSNA JANMA the musical", I got it for my son about a year ago, and was looking for more but wasn't carrying them anymore. Listening to it transformed my house into Vrindavan, we all felt as if we were present in the Lord's pastime. You are truly empowered by the Lord to help devotees realize the reality of the Lord's pastimes. My son was listening to it over and over and became completely absorbed in those pastimes.

Shyamasundar das (ACBSP) Vedic Astrologer: For the first time since 1987 I spent Janmastami alone. I hardly noticed the strains of fasting all day and standing up on my feet cooking a feast, as I was listening to the whole series of CD's that you did starting with your Krsna Janma musical. By the time it was over I was very elated. Your productions are very professionally done. My only complaint is that you only have eleven of them. You should consider making more.