CD reviews

Campakalata Fiorentino
: Your stories are favorites in this house. Great for laughs and action and drama, and absorption in Krishna Lila! We love the Brahman and the Cobbler, and Dhruva, and the Chess Match, and the Kidnapping of Princess Rukmini, Saksi Gopala, Samba... gosh, I think we love all of them! Oh! And Govardhana!!!!

Bhakti devi
(SRS) We have received the mp3. Soon after, we drove to Italy (12 hrs) and the kids spent almost the whole time listening to it! They are really well made and enjoyable.

Rudradeva das
(ACBSP): The recording of your Sudama CD is so well-done. First-quality audio, & all the singing & performances are equally 1st-class, as I've come to expect from you. What's so nice about your singing is that when you listen carefully, one can notice how you're particularly careful about every note, every slight fluctuation in volume or pitch to help make the scene perfect and believable. Sometimes just a minute detail can make a big difference in the way an audience receives something (as you well know, obviously). You really did a nice job, thanks!

Pratima Patel (London UK): I love your Soul Time 2 CD. Can't stop listening to it!

Lavanga Manjari dasi
: About two years ago I received your set of CD's. They hung around a while before my children started listening to them. I'm writing you now to say that they have been played to breaking point. My sons listen to them every night when lights go out. They have played them over and over and over. They know every story backwards now. Now my youngest has to listen past the scratches and sticking! She is right now singing along one of the songs of your Govardhana musical. I think your productions have made deep neural pathways in my kids' brains! Thank you for the wonderful service. If I can't repair the CD's I will have to get more! The boys still want to have them at night and they are teens now!!

Dhana: I found your Govardhana musical CD on my shelf, which my wife got from you and played it. It's a beautiful CD with great voices and catchy music. It was so good I landed up listening to it twice. It created the entire vision of Govardhana right in front of my eyes. I was so pleased that I wanted to write to you. I wasn't really feeling good this evening, but by listening to your CD I felt as if Krsna's entire village stood there in front of me in 3D. Congratulations. I have your entire collection and I am going to make time to listen to it all. Great work - So professional.

Felix Bell Manchester UK: My mum and dad and I loved your Soul Time 2 CD. It was amazing, amusing, instructive and beautiful.The song Sankirtan Man I find a great inspiration. I also found it a revelation to hear chanting to all those different music styles. I look forward to hearing more.

Vaishnavi dasi: I have your CD "Krishna Janma the musical", I got it for my son about a year ago, and was looking for more but wasn't carrying them anymore. Listening to it transformed my house into Vrindavan, we all felt as if we were present in the Lord's pastime. You are truly empowered by the Lord to help devotees realize the reality of the Lord's pastimes. My son was listening to it over and over and became completely absorbed in those pastimes.

Vrajasundari dasi (SRS): I don't know, who enjoyed it more. My son or my husband!

Shyamasundar das (ACBSP) Vedic Astrologer: For the first time since 1987 I spent Janmastami alone. I hardly noticed the strains of fasting all day and standing up on my feet cooking a feast, as I was listening to the whole series of CD's that you did starting with your Krsna Janma musical. By the time it was over I was very elated. Your productions are very professionally done. My only complaint is that you only have eleven of them. You should consider making more.

Urmila dasi (ACBSP): Your productions are professionally done and fascinating for both adults and children. Children who grow up listening to such dramatic renditions of Krishna's pastimes come to see Krishna consciousness as fun, and are far more likely to dedicate themselves to become devotees of Krishna than those who have not had such exposure. By absorption in Krishna's lila through these audio recordings, one comes to forget all material misery, and remember the true goal of life. One is fortunate if one can have the complete set.

Hemanga das Germany: On our way back home we were listening to the Dhruva Maharaja musical. After the first two parts I imagined myself how wonderful preaching tool you have produced and how nice it will open the hearts for our philosophy in the western world. Mixed with this vision and the feelings of leaving Radhadesh my hairs stood on end, and I wept literally tears almost the whole way up to Liege. My dear wife had to calm me down by massaging my arm all the way.

Yaduvendu das (ACBSP) UK: Prabhu your productions are wonderful. Kirtana Rasa and I love them, and when we go to bed early we listen to them. They're nothing like the old American story tapes but are 100% professional productions, like something the BBC might be capable of, if their producers were Krishna Conscious. The lines of the actors are delivered with such expertise, which I imagine must be due to your direction and experience as a professional actor.

Rati Manjari dasi (TKG) Amsterdam Holland: I listened to Dhruva together with my son Nitai of seven. He listened attentively as I translated the words. When I told him that Dhruva Maharaja was about 5 when he went to the forest, I could see that this idea fascinated him. As boys amongst each other always like to compete, he asked me if he could also do such a thing? I told him that I did not know, as it was very extraordinary, but perhaps he could, if he really wanted to. Immediately the story took on a different dimension for him. I believe in the power and importance of exposing our children to stories like those of Dhruva, because these stories offer them a whole different type of heroes than the phoney cartoon characters on everyday TV. The adventures of these timeless role models will always add auspiciousness to our lives.

Arjuna das (SRS) UK: Parividhaji, these ingeniously Krsna-ized musical hits on your Soul Time CD are unique and so you! Beautifully sung, poignantly phrased and irresistible!

Bhagavati dasi (KKS) Holland: I am sitting at work listening to your Soul Time CD and just wanted to tell you how incredibly inspiring this is.The devotional emotions in the songs are very 'contagious'. They make me feel so eager to just grab my Bhagavad-gita and sit and read. It is so hard to keep inspired while working with non-devotees, doing completely inconsequential work for eigth hours a day or more, and this really makes the difference.

Yadubara das (ACBSP): Thanks Parividha Prabhu. My daughter is enjoying your creations immensely. They are very professionally done. I would like to one day work with you on a film.

Radha Madhava dasi (PGS) Malasya: I'm so glad to have your CD's. They are great! I love theater, therefore I am so happy you have presented KRSNA's stories in this way. They're fantastic! I love listening to them, and I can visualize the scenes on my mind. This is especially good for my future baby! My mind calms down, and I am absorbed by the stories. I love this feeling! I can also feel the hard work behind all the wonderful CD's. They are really helping people to know more about the beauty of the Lord. Thank you!

Dayal Nitai das (TKG) Taiwan: Your impressive productions reflect your personality, as I know that you're driven by an awesome sense of perfectionism. Besides being well directed, your productions are captivating, philosophically correct, and always inspiring to the heart. I've been moved to tears by some of them, and laughed at other parts, and still laugh remembering them. I have learned many things as well, and have pleased guests at our home by letting them listen

Lilananda das (RNS) Rome Italy: The CD's sounded so professional. It seemed to me as if I was there. I hope someday I could stage them in one of the squares here in Rome. I also appreciated the fact that the stories are very close to the way they are described in the Bhagavatam.

Jagadananda das: Prabhuji, We got some CD's from you in the past. They're ecstatic, We love them! They're priceless! Especially my wife, Ananda Vrindavan devi dasi cant stop raving about them. We have Sudama Vipra, and Govardhan Hill. We checked out the previews for some of the dramas as well. We would like to get some of these CD's to give as gifts to our friends.

Nrsimhananda das (ACBSP) ITV Productions: I have dreams of producing movies of your musicals. The work is professional, and the messages inspiring. You have taken Srila Prabhupada's instructions to heart and dovetailed your producing and composing abilities in Krishna's service. The music is bold. The voices are celestial. You have created an admirable body of work, and have set the stage for ambitious productions. I hope to work with you.

Lokanath Swami: While listening to your Dhruva Maharaja musical, I remembered how it was one of the first stories I was told as a child. You have nicely packaged the dramatic narration with contemporary music. It's quite a unique presentation. I really liked it.

Bhawesh Shaz England: I got the CD of Dhruva Maharaja at Bhaktivedanta Manor on Sunday. That night I listened to it in the car while taking my friends home. Me and my friends really enjoyed it. It made our journey very transcendental. Since then I have also listened to it at work, and the more I listen to it the more I love it. All those devotees involved have done a tremendous job of bringing the pastimes of Dhruva Maharaj to life. The music is ecstatic, and the voices are very befitting. I particularly like yours, Gaurangi's and Krpamoya's. Truly a work of art, which I'd like to see performed live on stage one day! I would like to order the rest of the set.

Malati Priya dasi Ireland: Your CD's are wonderful and VERY entertaining. Over the past few years my daughter (now 10 years old) and I have been listening to them over and over again. They were a great help when I had to work and my daughter needed some entertainment, which is very hard to come by in Krishna consciousness. Thank you for providing this service.

Sravaniya dasi (ACBSP): Your musicals are delightful and imaginative! Not only is your work entertaining, but you have taken the care to keep it rigorously correct in scriptural details. The scenarios in the stories that amplify the themes are all properly portrayed. The only spin here is the tale. These CD's make great gifts for parents and their kids, - I mean knock-your-socks-off great. They are a real Trojan horse as far as getting the message across to a broader audience. Bravo!

Surapala das Las Vegas USA: Your productions are very unique. I think nothing like this has been done in ISKCON before. They are very professionally produced, and of a high quality. Once you start listening to them you cannot stop, as you want to know what will happen next. So enjoyable for both young and older devotees, as well as for new comers to Krishna consciousness.

Racitambara dasi (ACBSP): We have the whole set, but I wish we had more. My grand children listen to them all the time in the house. They love them! They sing the songs and act out the plays. It's a wonderful engagement for them and keeps them focused on Krsna's eternal pastimes. In the Gurukula the boys love to hear them, and we also use them for drama class. Please keep up the good work, and produce more for the benefit of all our aspiring devotees, young and old! May Krishna bless you for such a wonderful and selfless service.

Suresvara das (ACBSP) Hawaii: Bravo, Parividha Prabhu! Your productions are beautiful samskaras for our youth and powerful medicine for us older folks, still recovering from Kali's ravishment's. Play on, o cultural warrior, and "catch the conscience of the king," our spirit's sense of the Lord within.

Rati Manjari dasi (TKG) Holland: I am a single mother who tries to give her 5 year old son some Krsna consciousness, and in such a way that he will not curse my attempts when he is 15. One powerful tool in my mission are your CD's. Everything about them is attractive: The music, the songs, the lyrics, the covers. They are full of interesting details in the dialogues, and every one of them contains many funny jokes. When my son and I listen to your CD's, his dreamy eyes tell me how a whole new world opens up to him and becomes a reality, instead of merely a story in an old book. Thank you for your good work and I hope you will make many more.

Vinode manjari dasi (SDG) Radhadesh Belgium: Your contribution to our KC movement through music and drama is wonderful, enlivening, relaxing and inspiring. I love the song you sang as Narada describing the beauty of the Lord. You must have sung it with full devotion from your heart, as you want to hear it again and again. Thank you.

Madhumati dasi Christchurch New Zealand: My three children and husband are in much bliss! We listen to them everyday. They love them. My congratulations for producing such wonderful dramas and musicals. You're doing a fantastic service to all the vaisnavas, great and small.

Vrindanath das (RNS) Antwerp Belgium: Each one of your musicals is a transcendental work of art. The beautiful voices and extraordinary soundtracks are a delight to the ear and heart.

Kaivalya Sundari dasi USA: Your musicals have been very inspiring to me. My children grew up with them. They are very professional. Both music + lyrics are outstanding.

Felix Bell Manchester UK: Especially the songs about the Holy Name are now truly classic tracks in my opinion and immortalized. I played it to my mum ( ex theater worker) and sister (singer), and they found these tracks most appealing. They were inspired, as well as entertained. Thanks for engaging them in hearing the Holy Name.

Malati Priya dasi Ireland: Your Soul Time CD is deep. I thought it was more appealing to adults, but then found that my children of 14 and 10 were listening regularly to it. You could open a fan club! They saw you on stage a few times, and find you a great actor. Because they know you in this way, they have also find entry into the deep meaning of your songs, or so is appears to me. Thank you for sharing your realizations. Where I live association is quite scarce, and I find your message very helpful original, dynamic and unique. We can't wait for more.

Cintamani Engelhardt USA: I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy listening to all of your productions. I brought them to the Gurukula a while ago, and we listen to them while we eat lunch. All the kids like them a lot, especially the funny comedies.

Syamamayi dasi (SDG) Ireland: Your Soul Time CD is a real treasure and expression of talent in K.C. I was very much uplifted and moved by it. Many of the lyrics have deep meaning for me. It brought me through a transition in life. As I listened again and again I gained strength, and new appreciation for KC. awoke in my heart. Thank you so much for enlivening us in this way.

Sakhyarasa Prema das (JPS) England: Thanks for your latest CD with those great classics. I heard that you have performed some of the songs at the Conway Hall and it was a smash hit! We were listening to it at Rasalila's birthday party. Everyone was singing along in stitches laughing. Thanks for bringing a little more happiness into our lives.

Kesidamana das (ACBSP) Vrindavan: Soul Time is undoubtedly one of the greatest contributions to the culture of this century. It lifts one's soul to the transcendental abode of the Lord. This attractive presentation is a practical proof that in Goloka every word is a song, even if the melodies originated in this material world. Nectar!

Sacinandana Swami: Our Krishna consciousness movement needs a cultural basis, because it's the human condition that it requires culture in order to grow and blossom. I'm very thankful to those who supply such cultural basis in their many endeavors. Especially I welcome your talent of presenting ancient Krishna consciousness through western musicals. I think that in times to come your productions will serve as a bridge, over which many sincere souls will walk into the blissful land of Krishna consciousness. This CD is no exception of your musical and Krishna conscious genius.

Amrita Gaurangi dasi (JPS) Malasya: When I heard your Rukmini musical for the first time it touched my heart. Your plays are just so real. As I am a visual person, I am seeing it all in my mind. It makes me closer to Krishna, as if I am there. Thank you.

Rashmi Agrawal UK: Your CD's have been compiled for the benefits of us children, who are only just discovering what delights lay ahead, if we would try to understand our Lord and His leelas.Your gifts have been very inspiring and am most thankful to you for letting me understand the beauty of the path that I have chosen.

Mahaprabhu das Radhadesh: Your productions are not only very professional but very devotional as well. I love to get transported into a world of transcendental pastimes of the Lord and His devotees. You must be ISKCON's best director.

Sridevi dasi Hawaii USA: Your musical presentations are extraordinary. They are quite innovative and creative. What a great way to present our philosophy. My 3 year old loves Govardhan.

Julia Burroughs UK: Just wanted to say that we love your Soul Time CD!

Kalindi dasi (BCS) USA: I started to listen to your musicals and they're great. They are so uplifting, like being actually in the spiritual world. I love listening while walking in the park. It is a great way to engage one's body and mind in devotional service. All glories to your service.

Gurubhakta dasi (ACBSP) USA: Soul Time is another work of art! I wish that in every town and village they would know your work.

Radhanuga dasi (KCS): Your CD's are very enlivening and professional. We love them.

Ekanath das (ACBSP): You've done a superb job. Spiritually enlivening for the whole family.

Hari Sauri das (ACBSP): Our family love them. We listen to them often when we take prasadam.

Nila USA: Your musicals are so sweet. I listened to them non stop as a child, and I still enjoy listening to them.

Kausalya dasi (LOK) Belgium: I know all your musicals and plays ALMOST by heart. I can hear them in my mind. I love them!!!

Gandharvika dasi (SRS) UK: I seriously think you should advertise your Soul Time CD as a new anti-depressant....... with no bad side effects!!! I love it and thank you so much for making it.

Lalita-sakhi dasi Dallas USA: We so much liked your song about Harinama sankirtana on your Soul Time CD -- so much that we are joining the Hari nama party at our local temple.

Madhavi dasi Orlando USA: The musical CD "Kidnapping of Princess Rukmini" is a very interesting presentation. The sound was great.

Havi das (ACBSP) Florida USA: I love your Soul Time CD! Your recordings are of a very good production that requires work and talent.

Advaita Candra (SRS) USA: The Soul Time CD arrived and I like it a lot.

Suresvara das (ACBSP) Hawaii USA: I've been enjoying your CD, Soul Time. First-class yukta-vairgya! Trying to forget the old tunes is dry, and impossible anyway. They reach their perfection in the Lord's service. There is no more powerful communication than drama, especially musical drama, which opens the spirit. Bravo to your devotional service in the performing arts.

Vrajanath das (JPS) Mayapur: Prabhuji today I got the CD's. They are wonderful, and we are so thankful to you and the devotees who have contributed to the making of these musicals.

Suniti dasi Hannover Germany: While listening I am experiencing the loving creative artistry you have put into them, sharing your own heartfelt feelings and realizations of Sri Krishna's sweet sweet pastimes, I'm greatly enhanced and touched. Your devotional works pour joy, gratitude, and a more than vivid pictures of the divine lilas into my heart and mind. It's a shower of nectar!

Lilavilasini dasi (JPS) Italy: I can hear you've put a great amount of energy and devotion in these CD's and I enjoy listening to them while cooking or cleaning.

Janmastami das (LOK) Antwerpen Belgium: The professionalism in the musicals is very pleasing. The whole, besides the wonderful voices of the singers, is just very nicely mastered and technically finalized. I also appreciate the balance between the entertaining and instructive parts. What also struck me was the devotion, which the lyrics, music and performance radiate.

Srimati dasi (Cairns) Australia: Thank you for the wonderfully CD's of Lord Krishna's pastimes and other skits. I love listening to them in the car while driving. It makes great listening when the Lord's pastimes are dramatized in such a way that it captures the imagination fully. I hope we will see many more CD's being produced in this way in the future. All glories to your service.

Bharat Santani Mumbai India: Both the CD's I bought in Vrindavan are just mind blowing. The lyrics are very, very good, and once you sit to listen to it, how times flies. I cannot decide which track of the Soul Time CD is my favorite, since I like them all. I'm so grateful that I had an opportunity to meet you and that I had the chance to get the CD's. The other CD of Sudama Vipra is brilliant. The words are so sweet. It's a beauty! I love the tracks "We Are The Guards of Dwaraka", the songs of Rukmini and Krishna, and Sudama and his wife. The maha mantras on the CD are just toooooo amazing! It feels sooo good. It makes your heart melt, and makes you feel that separation from the Supreme Lord Krishna. Thank you so much.

Vrajabhakti dasi: Your musical CD's are awesome and my six year old son really enjoy them so much and act them out as well. After I bought them he doesn't want to listen to anything else. I let the whole Community hear the Govardhana Musical CD and everybody enjoyed and loved it so much. Your CD's are really helping the whole family to be Krishna Conscious. We're really grateful to you for doing such an incredible service to the whole world. Thank you once again.

B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami: I feel happy that you dedicate so much energy to make quality preaching songs and dramas. No temple shop or book table should be without his collection. These CD's will reach so many people with delight. Conscious art - the language to reach out.

Krsna-ksetra das (ACBSP): Your Dhruva musical is a pleasure to listen to. As a musical it renders the story in a dramatic and entertaining way, highlighting the determination of the child hero to have the Lord's darshan. It shows great promise as a way to render so much more of our tradition's narratives, making it more accessible to a much wider audience than would otherwise be attracted, and of course it will be especially attractive to children.

Cintamani Engelhardt USA: Your latest musical of Dhruva Maharaja was so nice. I liked the singers that you chose for the different parts. Everything was so professionally done. I felt as though I was actually there within the story of Dhruva. Please continue making more of these wonderful CD's so we can always fill our ears with the sound of Krishna's pastimes.

Gurubhakta dasi (ACBSP) USA: Listening to your CD's simply transports one to the transcendental world. I only wish there were more! My children spend hours listening to them. Your rendition of the proud brahmana was so funny. When my husband Batu Gopala heard the story of 'Sakshi Gopala' he said: "What a nice job they did! Such nice service, and for the benefit of countless generations to come. Imagine the benefit they will get for doing this."

Kanta dasi (ACBSP) USA: I've loaned your CD's to several groups, who are interested in drama and they were well appreciated. They're so nicely done. They keep you absorbed!

Sivarama Swami: Overall I think the Dhruva Maharaj musical is a wonderful production. It woves nicely. Arjuna's narration is seamless, professional and the music is pleasing.

Jaya Bhadra dasi (ACBSP) Belgium: Regarding your Dhruva Maharaj musical: I especially like that you extract scripture which is so essential. Narada's first instructions could convince anyone, but you so wonderfully portrayed how it didn't persuade Dhruva. You did it again prabhu! --- Another masterpiece. ---