Sudama Vipra

Parividha das ~ Giriraja das ~ Dwarakadisa das ~ Aprameya das

Parividha das ~ Giriraja das

Based on KRSNA "The Supreme Personality of Godhead“
by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Sudama Vipra
Lord Krishna
Queen Rukmini
Sudama's wife

Sandipani Muni
Parividha das
Jayadeva das
Gaurangi dasi
Suvrata dasi
Lilavati dasi
Arjuna das
Dwarakadisa das
Gandharvika dasi
Gaurangi dasi
Suvrata dasi
Sakshi Gopala das
Gandharvika dasi ~ Gopisvari dasi ~ Suvrata dasi
Sakhyarasa Prema das ~ Syamasundar das ~ Thakur Bhaktivinoda das
Balarama ~ Jaggi ~ Nayika ~ Vishnupriya

Keyboards by Dwarakadisa das
Acoustic guitar played by Aprameya das

Engineered and mastered by Dwarakadisa das

Directed and produced by Parividha das © 1996

Narrator: Once in the land of India five thousand years ago,
the world was full of plenty and the people free from woe.
To benefit all godly souls and deliver them from fear,
the blessed Lord Sri Krishna had upon this earth appeared.
‘t was in fair Dwaraka city that the Lord passed many a day
He lived just like a good prince, His sweet pastimes to display.
And as the sun shines always and just seems to rise and set,
the Lord is transcendental to this world of birth and death.
At that time there lived one brahmana, very pious amongst men.
Sudama Vipra was his name. He was Krishna’s childhood friend.
And he was always happy, though he lived in poverty,
He was not bound by worldly chains, being satisfied spiritually.
He was not bound by worldly chains, being satisfied spiritually.

Man: Excuse me Sudama.
Sudama: Yes?
Man: Can I ask you a question please
Sudama: Of course. Go ahead.
Man: Life is so confusing. What can we do?
Sudama: Well, if you want to be free of confusion,
you just have to hear and chant the glories of the Lord,
Your eternal knowledge and bliss will then be restored
and all you have to do is hear and chant. Maha mantra. Easy isn’t it?

All: Maha mantra
Sudama: Please try to make this your aim:
To always fill your lips with the Holy Name.
Some never question why that any time they can die.
A life like that is so insane. A life like that is so insane.
So start your morning with the Holy Name
and finish your day in the very same way.

All: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Sudama: Very goodAll: Krishna Krishna etc. Maha mantraSudama: Maha mantra
All: Maha mantra
Sudama: Now try this: Maha mantra
All Maha mantra
Sudama: So please try to make this your aim in life:
To always fill your lips with the holy Name. You understand?

All: Always fill your lips with the holy Name.
Sudama: Yes
Man: The truth is so simple isn’t it?
Sudama's wife: My dear husband you know the Lord is kind
to those, who control their senses and mind,
but seeing you so thin and so poorly dressed
makes me very anxious and distressed.

Sudama: My dear wife, I do understand
that your only wish is to please your husband,
but I am a Brahmin and I shouldn’t waste my time
trying to get on in material life.

Sudama's wife: O please, I beg you, go and see the Lord.
Krishna who’s the shelter and friend of the poor.
He’s the husband of the goddess, the goddess of fortune
and will surely benedict you with a boon.

Sudama: I understand but,
we can’t enjoy more happiness then destiny affords.
Our position: It’s the mercy of the Lord
and you know that a devotee must depend on Lord Hari,
who cuts the binding ropes of misery.

Narrator: Now the good wife of Sudama wasn’t anxious for her self,

She didn’t care for saris, fine jewellery or wealth.
But to see her husband look so poor and thin gave her distress,

So she humbly went before him and submitted her request.
Sudama's wife: O husband, you’re a selfless devotee,
as Lord Sri Krishna is your only sanctuary.
I know you don’t care for opulence and wealth,
but at least you must maintain good health!
Sudama (sighs): O devi, why do you go on so insistently?
Why can’t you just accept our poverty?
And yet my heart is softened by your humble plea,
so I’ll go just to put your mind at ease.

Sudama's wife: I’m so glad that you’re going to see your friend
Sudama: Please get me something that I can present Him.
Ah! How wonderful after all these years to see my friend and Lord.

Sudama's wife: Krishna, who’s the shelter and friend of the poor
Both: He’s the husband of the goddess of fortune
Sudama's wife: Surely, He’ll benedict you with a boon!
We didn’t have anything except...

Sudama: Yes?
Sudama's wife: A few palmfuls of chipped rice I begged from the neighbors.
Sudama: Devi! How can I offer chipped rice to the Supreme Lord?
Sudama's wife: Krishna is very merciful. He’ll understand.
Sudama: (sighs) It is so embarrassing!
Sudama's wife: But what else can we do?
Sudama: Nothing I suppose. T. Well I’ll be on my way then. Jaya Sri Krishna!
Sudama's wife: Jaya Sri Krishna!

Narrator: After Sudama bid farewell to home and wife,
he set off on his journey with the bundle of chipped rice.
And as he went, he thought always of Krishna’s lotus feet,
knowing when he sees his Lord, his life would become complete.

Woman 1: O where do you wander my dear saintly Brahmin
and why do you smile with that look in your eyes?

Woman 2: Is it sunshine?
Both: Or springtime that makes you so happy?
Woman 2: Or the thought of a loved one that so satisfies?
Sudama: No! I’m heading for Dvaraka.
There lives someone, whose luster is brighter then millions of suns.
Who out of all seasons is flower bearing springtime.
I think of Lord Krishna, who’s here yet so far.
Krishna is the all-attractive Lord of your heart. He is all kind and all wise.
He is so fair, yet He is dark like a monsoon cloud.
He has all-riches, all-freedom and all-fame
and He dances in our hearts, when we sing His sweet Name. Maha mantra

Kids: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Sudama: Very good!
Kids: Krishna Krishna etc.
Men: Please tell us the cause of your pleasure?
How can one live without worries or care?
Have you found your very life, your vision or treasure.

Man: Seeing someone so happy is for us very rare!
Sudama: Sri Krishna is the source of my pleasure,
who makes the lame dance and the blind see the stars in the sky.
He is the life of our lives and the rarest of treasures.
Chant His name and be happy. Please give it a try.

Man: Krishna?
Child: Krishna is the all-attractive Lord of your heart.
He is all kind and all wise.

Woman 1: He is so fair yet He is
Child: Dark like a monsoon cloud!
Woman 1: He has all-riches all-freedom and all-fame and he
Both: dances in our heart when we sing His sweet name.
Children: Maha mantra
All: Maha mantra
Child: Pita, pita! You try!
Man 2: Maha mantra
All: Maha mantra
Man 1: Maha mantra
All: Maha mantra
Guard 1: Left! Right! Left! Right! He! Hoo!
Both: We are the guards of Dvaraka.
We stand here all day long.

Guard 2: We make sure that nothing.
Guard 1: Nothing will go wrong!
Both: We watch the gate and regulate the citizens that pass along.
Guard 1: Are you friend or foe?
Guard 2: We have to know!
Guard 1: Before we let you carry on!
Both: But if you’re a Brahmin or a devotee,
you can enter any time as freely as can be.
These orders come from Krishna
and of this we are quite sure,
that He is only pleased to see those,
whose hearts are clean and pure.

Guard 2: So just to be a prince or wealthy
won’t get you through Krishna’s door.

Guard 1: You must be freed from lust and greed.
Both: to enter the kingdom of the Lord (Guard One continues singing)
Guard 1: (embarrassed) Sorry!
Both: We are the guards of Dvaraka.
We stand here all day long.
We love to serve Lord Krishna
as we sing this happy song
Maha mantra. Maha mantra

Guard 1: He he he hee! Where do you think you’re going? Don’t you realize where you are?
Guard 2: You see, Not just anyone can enter the city of
Both: Dvaraka
Guard 1: Are you friend or foe?
Guard 2: We have to know you know.(Opens box) Ah! Nice spices for the Lord!
Guard 1: O! Ahum! T. Enter friend!(Sees Sudama) Good Lord! What’s that?
Guard 2: Be careful what you say! He’s a Brahmin!
Guard 1: O! All glories Ahum All glories
Both to Lord Sri Krsna and His beloved devotees.
Welcome to Dvaraka!
Now we like you all to kindly chant along: Maha mantra. Maha mantra. Maha mantra.

Guard 1: Left! Right! Left! Right! He! Hoo! Maha mantra Maha mantra
: After passing through the gates into that citadel,
Sudama was astonished by the wonders He beheld,
for Dvaraka was so gorgeous, so majestic and so fair
that the opulence of paradise could not even compare.
Sudama: Amazing! What I heard is true! Thousands of palaces!
And the walls are made ah of touchstone?
Jade! Sapphire! Pearls! Emeralds!
Oh! Out of all of them this one is the most supreme! (Thinks)

Then it must be the palace of Rukmini!
The palace of Rukmini, Lord Krishna’s favorite queen!

Queen Rukmini: My dear lotus eyed husband: Being self-satisfied,
You do not care in the slightest whether I’m beautiful or qualified.
Therefore I wouldn’t be astonished if You were unattached to me,
for you cannot be bound by a woman, however exalted she may be.
The material mode of passion is also made by You,
so Your passionate glance upon me I consider my great fortune,
But whether or not You need me, my desire is to be
always engaged in service at Your lotus feet. At Your lotus feet.
Sri Krishna: My most beautiful princess,
You are so chaste and true.

I don’t think that any of my consorts loves me more then you.
I’m so pleased to understand

how much love you have for me, so whatever you may desire,
I’m at your service eternally.

If any of my devotees, who are completely depended upon me
might happen to ask me for something.

Such desires cause them to be free.
Dear Rukmini: By you I’ve been purchased.
I’m ever under Your control.

To repay you is not in My power,
for your love remains within My soul. (
Enter Sudama)
Sudama! What a pleasant surprise!
Sudama: O Lord please, don’t embrace me!
I’m just a poor lowly Brahmin and You are the Lord!

Sri Krishna: Sudama, you’ve always been my very dear friend ever since our childhood.
It is so nice to see you again!
Sudama: And You!
Sri Krishna: Now please sit down.
Sudama: Ah….. My Lord?
Sri Krishna: O Brahmin: Please sit down for you are our honored guest!
Devi, please bring the articles for worship.
My dear friend: It is our great fortune that you have come here today.
Sudama: Lord Sri Krishna brought his friend all kinds of fruit to eat,
then the Lord Himself did bath that humble Brahmin’s feet.
Such a good example the Lord wanted to set
that He even sprinkled water from Sudama’s feet upon His head.
After burning incense to create a fragrant scent
the Lord continued His puja with gee lamps to His friend,
while her maids looked on in wonder for they could not understand.

Maid 1: Do you see how Lord Krishna is worshiping that poor Brahmin?
Maid 2+3: Yes I can hardly believe my eyes!
Maid 1: Although he is poorly dressed,
the Lord embraced him to His chest!

Maid 2+3: Yes I really wonder why?
Maid 1+2: And he is even sitting on the bed of His majesty.
Maid 3: Being personally fanned
Maid 2+3: by the hand of Queen Rukmini!
All: Their Lordships are so kind!
Maid 1: He obviously must be a great devotee!
Maid 3: Who has performed many pious activities!
All: Yes! That must be the reason why!
Sri Krishna: Dear Sudama: Seeing you remind Me of those days we spent together.
My friend: Do you remember when we were children at the home of our spiritual master?
Sudama: Sandipani Muni, who enlightened us with knowledge of the shastra.
Sri Krishna: One day we were requested by the wife of our teacher
Sudama: O yes!
Sri Krishna: to go and fetch wood for the fire,
Sudama: and while we roamed the forest, we left the path
and couldn’t find our way amidst the bracken and the brier.
Both: Then a fearsome dust storm blew and lightning filled the sky!
The sound of thunder filled our ears and we were terrified!
Sri Krishna: Then sunset brought the jungle’s dark nightgown.
Sudama: And devastating rain flooded the ground!
Both: Wet, cold and bewildered, we then took each other’s hand
And passed the whole night vainly searching for our guru’s ashram!
Sudama: Next day as morning was breaking, we heard footsteps approaching.
Sri Krishna: Then we saw our beloved guru coming!
Sudama: We both became so happy!
Sri Krishna: And the other children too!
Child: Look! Look! Krishna and Sudama!
All: Jaya!
Both: We began laughing and crying!
Sudama: Smiling Sandipani Muni spoke with great compassion:
Sandipani Muni: My dear boys: You have done something wonderful!
You are so faithful to your guru that without thought of your own comfort,
you have take so much trouble for me.
That is the only way for a bonafide disciple to be free from his debt to his guru.
I’m so pleased by your service that I bless you that your desires will come true!
Sri Krishna + Sandipani Muni: May the understanding of the Vedas which you learned from me
always continue to remain within your memory,
Sudama +Sandipani Muni: So that at any time you can remember and quote their instruction without fail!
Sri Krishna: By getting the grace and blessing of our gurudev, we were able to fulfil the purpose of this human life.
Sudama: My lord: You may remember when we were children we had so many adventures
Sri Krishna: And we were always happy under the guidance of
Both: Our spiritual master Sandipani Muni.
Sri Krishna: My dear friend: Has not your wife given you some nice eatable for Me?
I’m not in need of anything, but if offered with devotion and love.
However insignificant, I’ll accept it with pleasure! But on the other hand, if one is not my devotee
even though he may offer valuable things to Me, I do not like to accept them, for devotion is all I need
Sudama: (thinks) I know it’s devotion that counts in an offering but chipped rice! I’m so embarrassed!
Sri Krishna: (thinks) He has not come to ask Me for anything, but being obliged by his wife he has come to see Me just to please her, therefore I shall offer this pure hear-ted Brahmin more opulence then could be imagined even by the King of Heaven. (grabs the bundle of chipped rice and opens it.)
Aha! What is this? Chipped rice! O How thoughtful of you! (put it in His mouth.)
Hmm! Hmmmm!This chipped rice will not just satisfy Me, but the whole creation! (Takes another hand and wants to eat it when Rukmini takes His arm and takes the bit of chipped rice from his hand.)
Queen Rukmini My dear Lord: This one morsel of chipped rice will bring great riches in his life
and I foretell that these riches continue in his next life as well. (Queen Rukmini then takes the bag from Lord Krishna.)
Sri Krishna
Narrator: After Sudama Brahmana spent the day as Krishna’s guest,
he bid farewell to the Lord and homewards he progressed.
And as he went he thought always of Krishna’s kindliness.
He thus became fully absorbed in transcendental bliss.
Sudama: Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
Chorus: Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
Sudama: How great a love Krishna has for the brahmanas.
He is the Supreme Brahman Himself, yet He embraced me to His chest
which is the place of the Goddess of Fortune. Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya (chorus)
When I was tired Rukmini Herself began to fan me with Her own hand,
although She is the Goddess of Fortune. Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
Chorus: Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
Sudama: O how fortunate I am to have Krishna as my friend. I’m so glad He didn’t give me anything,
for if I became wealthy I will probably become proud and mad after material opulence.
Yes and in this way I will surely forget Him! Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
Chorus: Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
Sudama: How great a love Krishna has for the brahmanas.
Palaces of gems? Beautiful gardens? Lakes full of lotus flowers and lilies?
What are these wonders that I see? Could this place belong to me?
From the day that I was born I’ve been so poor. What could be the cause of these riches?
Hmmm! I cannot find any other reason.
Of course this is all due to the all-merciful glance of my wonderful dark friend Lord Krishna
All: Yes it is all due to the all-merciful glance of your wonderful dark friend Lord Krishna
Sudama: (gasps) O Look at you all! Devi!
Sudama's wife: Krishna is the Lord of the Goddess of Fortune, thus He is the owner of all riches.
As the Lord knows His devotees mind, He perfectly fulfills all of his desires.
If you give to Him with love a little thing, He takes it as a gift of great value
: Some chipped rice was all that you have given.
All: And now we’re richer than the King of Heaven!
Sudama's wife: This is all due to the all-merciful glance of your wonderful dark friend Lord Krishna!
Sudama: I pray to have Your friendship my dear Lord. To always be engaged in Your service
Please may I remain eternally in the service of Your lotus feet.
I only long to be in the company of Your beloved pure devotees.
Oh Lord I did not ask for such a fortune, so please let me use all these riches in Your service
Listen everyone! Let us prepare a wonderful feast in the honor of our friend
All: Lord Krishna!
Sudama: Maha mantra
All: Maha mantra
Sudama: So please try to make this your aim in life, to always fill your lips with the Holy Name.
You understand?
All: Always fill your lips with the Holy Name.
: Now we like to ask you all to kindly chant along Maha mantra (3X)
Left Right Left Right He Ho!
All: Maha mantra
Man: Maha mantra
All: Maha mantra

Rudradeva das (ACBSP): The recording of your Sudama CD is so well-done. First-quality audio, and all the singing & performances are equally 1st-class, as I've come to expect from you. What's so nice about your singing is that when you listen carefully, one can notice how you're particularly careful about every note, every slight fluctuation in volume or pitch to help make the scene perfect and believable. Sometimes just a minute detail can make a big difference in the way an audience receives something (as you well know, obviously). You really did a nice job. Thanks!

Bharat Santani Mumbai: Both the CD's I bought in Vrindavan are just mind blowing. The CD of Sudama Vipra is brilliant. The words are so sweet. It's a beauty! I love the tracks "We Are The Guards of Dwarka", the songs of Rukmini and Krishna, and Sudama and his wife. The maha mantras on the CD are just toooooo amazing! It feels sooo good. It makes your heart melt, and makes you feel that separation from the Supreme Lord Krishna. Thank you so much.

Vrajanath das (JPS) Mayapur: Prabhuji today I got the CD's. They are wonderful, and we are so thankful to you and the devotees who have contributed to the making of these musicals.

Aksh Sharma New Jersey USA: These CD's are phenomenal in the quality of recording and content. Being involved in similar projects, I can imagine how much effort went into this work. A must-have for theatre groups wishing to perform fresh and exciting dramas and musicals.