The Syamantaka Jewel

Script by Parividha das
Based on a chapter of KRSNA "The Supreme Personality of Godhead“
By His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


Sri Krishna
King Satrajit / Prasena / Maharaja Ugrasena
Jambavan /Brahmana
Kripamoya das
Arjuna das
Parividha das
Dwarakadisa das
Asta Sakhi dasi
Suvrata dasi

Dwijamani das – Deepak Vohra – Dwarakadisa das
Gandharvika dasi - Ganga Yamuna dasi - Radha Govinda dasi - Suvrata dasi

Engineered and mastered by Dwarakadisa das
Directed and produced by Parividha das ©1997

Sri Krishna: Haha check!
Friend: Hmm!
Servant: Excuse me my Lord, but two of the citizens would like to see you.

Sri Krishna: Show them in.
Friend: Check mate!
Sri Krishna: Ah!
Ketu: Eh, my dear Lord, we are so fortunate to be citizens of Dwaraka, for daily we are able to see Your lotus Feet, which are sought after by means of severe penance and austerities by the great mystics and yogis.
Attama: My dear Lord, In your form of Narayana You hold in Your hands different symbols. A conch shell, disc, club and lotus flower. Yet in spite of You’re being the Supreme Personality of Godhead, You descended in Vrindavan and acted as the child of mother Yasoda, who sometimes used to tie You up with ropes.
Ketu: Ha ha and although Your Lordship is living like an ordinary being here in Dwaraka all the demigods are descending from their heavenly abodes to have Your darshan.
Attama: We even saw the sun-god himself with his appealing bodily effulgence in the city.
Ketu: That’s why we came to inform You. We thought You might like to know. He is probably on his way to Your palace right now! Actually he should be hereby now, shouldn’t he?
Attama: Yes. We took a short cut, You see.
Sri Krishna: Ha ha ha ha Both of you, thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, but the person, whom you described as the sun-god is actually King Satrajit.
Both: Satrajit?
Sri Krishna: You see. The real sun-god has given this Satrajit the Syamantaka jewel and it is because of the effulgence of this gem that you did not recognize him.
Ketu: Ah, I see.
Attama: Amazing! Well eh eh sorry about the mix up my Lord.
Sri Krishna: That’s alright. Anyway, thank you for your visit. Hmm. I think I should go and see this Satrajit.
King Satrajit: My dear brahmana, just feast your eyes on the exquisite beauty of the Syamantaka jewel, which was given to me by the sun god himself! Ha ha ha ha. Surely there is nothing like it to be found anywhere on this earth. Just see. Oh, just see how the colors play so delicately within it, moving and dancing like like fire. Ah. Oh Ah and look! Look within its heart! All the colors and designs of the creation can be seen in there Ah!
Brahmana: I see what you mean my Lord.
King Satrajit: Hah, hour upon hour I can pass just gazing into this wonderful gem, marveling that such a jewel is actually mine. Oh!
Brahmana: Your majesty, it is indeed a most rare gift that you have been given by Suryaji.
King Satrajit: Rare? Rare? It is matchless! And that, that is why I want to install Syamantaka right here in the temple. I want it to be worshiped with full pomp and ceremony as is befitting! O o my most beloved Syamantaka, before I possessed you, what value was there to my life, but now, now that you are mine, all desires are fulfilled and my happiness is complete.
Brahmana: Your majesty. Eh Eh Ahum!
King Satrajit: Hmm? O o my dear Brahmin. Please take it as your life and soul t see that this most valuable gem is properly worshiped!
Brahmana: O noble Satrajit, You need have no fear. I can assure you that everything will be done completely in accordance with Vedic injunctions.
King Satrajit: (Enter Krishna) My dear Krishna! Surprise, surprise. How nice to see you. Please please come closer and have darshan of the Syamantaka jewel. A gift to me from the sun-god himself! I’m just arranging its installation here. Please please come closer.
Sri Krishna: Thank you. My dear king, I find it a a little strange to see that you are worshiping a jewel, which is after all nothing more then a product of the material energy.
King Satrajit: T. He is so uncultured.
Sri Krishna: Pardon?
King Satrajit: (embarrassed) Eh eh culture! Eh I was just telling the pujari that it is a sign of great culture to worship this jewel. As it belong to the sun-god it is as worship able as he is.
Sri Krishna: It is indeed a a most wonderful stone. I have a marvelous idea! As you are a subject of my grandfather King Ugrasena. Why don’t you, noble Satrajit offer him this wonderful jewel? A a true servant is always willing to offer that, which is most dear to him to his master and in this way he become glorified as a true follower of religious principles.
King Satrajit: Eh eh eh eh You are right of course eh eh but in this case I don’t think it’s such a good idea. No no I’m sure that it is much better to keep the jewel safely here in the temple. To transfer it all the way to the to Your grandfathers palace might involve some risk to the jewel and in this way to all the citizens of Dvaraka! Eh yes, I’m convinced that it is much better to keep the jewel safely here.
Sri Krishna: As you wish, but be careful, for they say that once greed has entered a man’s heart it becomes like a malignant decease and is very difficult to remove.
King Satrajit: T. What a preposterous suggestion! This Krsna has become a little over proud since he established Ugrasena as the ruler of Yadus. T. Still I will not allow myself to be disturbed by such a trivial incident. My dear brahmana, please ensure that the Syamantaka puja goes on uninterrupted. Naturally you will be rewarded for your services.
Brahmana: O noble jewel Satrajit. I will protect the jewel with my very life!
King Satrajit: That’s what I like to hear. Dedication. Very good! Ha ha ha ha. Who would not be willing to worship a jewel, which provides the worshiper with 170 pounds of gold daily! Ha ha ha. (Exit Satrajit)Brahmana: Om keshava namah om narayana namah om madhavaya namaha ( hand gesture) idam asanam (rings bell for washing the feet) etat padyam (offer to the hands and put in throw out pot)idam argham (offer to the mouth and put in throw out pot) idam achmaniyam (offer to the mouth and put in bathing receptacle) esa madhuparkah (offer to the mouth and put in throw out pot) punar achmaniyam (bath with water from conch shell) idam snaniyam (dry with cloth) idam vastram (put on garland) idam malyam (ring bell and put on sandalwood) esa gandha (offer flower petals) etani puspani (offer incense in seven circles) esa dhupa (offer ghee lamp) esa dipa om hrimlam suraya namah O! I’ve forgotten the flowers! (exit)
Prasena: Hmm. So this is where my dear brother in keeping the jewel. What a beauty! O I’d love to put around my neck. I can see everyone’s face now, staring at me. Bowing their heads. Ha ha ha. O yes. I’m sure (enter brahmana) Satrajit won’t mind if I borrow it for an hour. Actually I’m sure he will, but who cares!
Brahmana: (The brahmana slaps Prasena's hand) Sir!
Prasena: Ah!

Brahmana: Sir! King Satrajit has given me implicit instructions about this jewel. It is to remain here for all time as an object of worship and so should not be removed .
Prasena: My dear brahmana. Let me refresh your memory as to who I am.
Brahmana: Well I’m well aware of.
Prasena: I am Prasena
Brahmana: Yes.
Prasena: King Satrajit’s younger brother.
Brahmana: Yes sir, I know but.
Prasena: And I’m sure that my brother won’t mind if I borrow his jewel for a little while.
Brahmana: But, but sir!
Prasena: After all we are family.
Brahmana: Yes, I understand that.
Prasena: Now if you know what is good for you, you will not try to frustrate my intentions! (draws his sword)
Brahmana: Eh but o!
Prasena: Kindly stand aside!
Brahmana: Sir!
Prasena: I said. Stand aside!
Brahmana: Yes yes yes I understand.
Prasena: That’s much better!
Brahmana: O dear.
Prasena: Thank you.
Brahmana: O no please. King Satrajit will be furious if he finds out. Please!
Prasena: If you don’t tell, he won’t know. Will he?
Brahmana: Ah!
Prasena: I’ll be back in an hour.
Brahmana: O no!
Scene 2
Prasena: Waauw! This jewel has the most wonderful effect. Simply by wearing it I feel twice the man I was before. O isn’t life wonderful! I feel so gorgeous that I could live forever. Hello birds. Hello trees. Those who say that this world is a place of misery are simply frustrated old men, who have never never tasted life’s true happiness. No for me, life is full of wonders, beauty and unexpected joy. Ah. Hello monkeys. Hello lion. Lion!
Jambavan: Hmm what’s this? Quite a pretty trinket. Just right for my little boy. But when I think of the radiant beauty of Sri Ramachandra, standing at the gates of Sri Lanka. Compared to that sight this shiny jewel looks like a mere pebble. Still it will be a pretty toy for my son.
Scene 3
Rupa: And that was still not enough. She wanted more!
Svati: More? She is outrageous.
Rupa: Exactly, so I told her to get.Lila: Svati! Rupa! Have you heard the news?
Both: News?
Rupa: About the marriage of Ketu?
Svati: We know all about that.
Lila: No not that. I mean the news about the jewel.
Svati: Which jewel?
Lila: The Syamantaka jewel of king Satrajit. It is lost!
Svati: Really? How did it happened Lila? Please go on.
Lila: Well it appears that Prasena, you know Satrajit’s younger brother
Svati: Yes yes!
Lila: It appears that yesterday he has taken the jewel from the temple by force.
Svati: By force?
Rupa: Prasena?
Lila: Anyway, several people thought they saw the sun-god driving through the city and they have also seen him driving into the forest.
Svati: Has the sun-god stolen the jewel?
Lila: No! Listen! Prasena was wearing the jewel.
Svati: Yes?
Lila: Because of the effulgence of the stone, people mistook him for the sun-god.
Svati: O I see.
Lila: Anyway. Since then nothing has been heard of him, nor of the Syamantaka jewel.
Svati: O this is awful! Without the jewel present here, I’m sure we must prepare for harder ties. Isn’t it Rupa?
Rupa: Off course not Svati! The opulence of Dwaraka is due only to the presence of Lord Krishna.
Lila: Well, whatever the true cause is. The Syamantaka jewel is lost and I have heard.
Rupa: Go on!
Lila: I have heard that Satrajit (enter Krishna) is saying that it is Krishna (Krishna stops and listens) Who has taken the jewel from Prasena.
Svati: Krishna?
Rupa: What grounds does he have for such a claim?
Lila: Well listen to this. Just before Prasena took the jewel away Krishna met Satrajit in the temple and suggested he give the jewel to King Ugrasena. Satrajit however refused, but Krishna apparently was insistent. That’s why Satrajit not only thinks that Krishna stole the jewel, but that he probably has killed Prasena as well!
Svati: Really?
Lila: Yes! He is telling everyone that this is what has happened! (exit Krishna)
Rupa: I cannot believe this! Satrajit disgraces himself by spreading such rumors.
Svati: But the Syamantaka jewel is a most valuable gem! You can never know, can you Lila?
Rupa: I am amazed at you Svati. That you can even think that Lord Krishna would be capable of such an act?
Svati: Well, he used to steal when he was a child?
Rupa: That was butter Svati! Ah! I can’t believe this! I’ve had enough!
Lila: Me too.
Svati: But Lila! Rupa!
Scene 4
Maharaja Ugrasena: My dear Krishna: Any sane man will understand that these rumors are completely false.
Sri Krishna: Still, it isn't right grandfather that the people are suspicious of me grandfather . A ruler must be a man with a spotless character, who is completely above suspicion, for whatever standards he sets, surely the common people will follow.
Maharaja Ugrasena: Hmm. That's true.
Sri Krishna: Therefore I should find out exactly what has happened to Prasena and the jewel.
Ugrasena: You will need witnesses Krishna. Make sure to take some of the leading citizens with you.
Sri Krishna: Excellent idea grandfather.
Ugrasena: Eh Krishna. Be careful!
Sri Krishna: I will grandfather.
Scene 5
Sundari: Hello Svati.
Svati: Hello Sundari. How are you doing?
Sundari: Fine.
Svati: Have you heard the news?
Sundari: You mean about the Syamantaka jewel?
Svati: Yes.
Sundari: O that. Yes I have.
Svati: O. Have you heard about Ketu?
Sundari: No. What?
Svati: He’s going to marry Atita!
Sundari: Atita? Really? Anyway I’ve got to go now. I’m in a rush.
Svati: Wwwwait! And what do you think about Satrajit accusing Krishna of theft and murder?
Sundari: That is the most ridiculous story I ever heard. I’m sure Satrajit will get a heavy reaction for spreading such rumors.
Svati: Eh, do you get bad karma for spreading rumors?
Sundari: Of course, if they are not true! Better be careful Svati! Bye then.
Scene 6
Attama: Ah! Prasena’s horse. Dead! Over here!
Both: Ah!
Attama: And look ! Come! Over here. It is Prasena’s sword. Look here is its crest.
Ketu: Yes it is Prasena’s. Ah look over there!
Dwija: Is it?
Sri Krishna: Yes.
Dwija: Prasena. Is he dead?
Attama: T. what do you think?
Dwija: Ah this is awful. What happened to him?
Sri Krishna: It seems that he has been killed by a beast. Probably a lion.
Attama: How about the Syamantaka jewel my Lord?
Sri Krishna: Well, it’s not on his body. Let us look around, but we have to be careful, for it is possible that it’s killer is still close by. Look!
All: Huh!
Sri Krishna: Surely this must be the lion that killed Prasena. But in its turn it has also been slain. Phew! Whoever killed this lion did so without using any weapon.
Ketu: O my Lord. All the signs indicate that there is some creature of immeasurable strength lurking in these woods.
Dwija: O under the circumstances my Lord, do you not think that it would be better to return to Dwaraka and get the assistance of the army and then to continue the search?
Ketu: Yes, let’s do that!
Sri Krishna: Although it is quite clear that the slayer of this lion possesses great strength I don’t think that there is any cause for alarm.
Attama: Ah! my Lord. Look!
Krishna: Ah! Here is a tunnel leading in the earth. I’m sure we will find the Syamantaka jewel within. However I don’t think it is wise that you accompany me. I have no desire to put you in a dangerous situation.
Attama: My Lord, I beg you. Do not risk Your life in such a fearful mission.
Krishna: Dear Attama, don’t worry. Can’t you remember how I dealt with Kamsa and his demoniac friends?
Attama: Yes of course.
Sri Krishna: I’ll be back as soon as I’ve covered the jewel.
Attama: O my Lord!
Scene 7
Nurse: Isn’t it a beautiful jewel your father has given you? O look! Look at all those pretty colors. Now nanny is going to make your dinner and you can tell me which colors you see. All right my darling?
Boy: Eh eh Blue and eh green.
Nurse: Good. And what other colors?
Boy: Eh eh red, yellow and orange.
Nurse: Well done. You are going to play with it. I’m just going in the kitchen.
Boy: No! It’s mine! No!
Nurse: What’s wrong my baby? O intruders! Jambavan! Jambavan come quickly! Thieves! Help!
Jambavan: What! Do thieves dare to enter the residence of Jambavan! Prepare to die human!
Jambavati: Ah! Isn’t he beautiful?
Nurse: Jambavati what are you saying! He is fighting with your father! Get him Jambavan! Get him! O well done! Well done!
Scene 8
Dwija: It’s getting really dark now. Let’s go back to Dwaraka.
Attama: Nononono! Although the signs are not auspicious, I’m sure that Lord Krishna is fully in control
Ketu: Yes. Have you ever know him to perform any action imperfectly?
Attama: We just have to be patient Vijay.
Dwija: Look, it has been twelve days now. How much longer do you want to wait!
Ketu: I also think it is better to return to Dwaraka.
Dwija: We have to inform king Ugrasena.
Ketu: Yes. There is no point to us staying here any longer.
Attama: (hears lion) Alright let’s go.
Dwija: O I’m dying for a plate of hot samosas.
Ketu: O yes! O my back is killing me Ah!
Attama: All you two can think of is your bodies. Eh who is going to tell Ugrasena?
Dwija + Ketu: You?
Attama: T.
Scene 9
Jambavan: O o o. My dear Lord, I can now understand who You are. You are the Supreme Personality of
Godhead. Vishnu. The source of all strength, wealth, beauty, fame, knowledge and renunciation (breaths)
Ah it is You, who are the creator of the creators of the universal affairs, You are the same Supreme Personality of Godhead, whom I worshiped as Lord Ramachandra for no one else has such immeasurable strength as He (breaths) and no one else could defeat me in this way. (breaths)
Sri Krishna: My dear King Jambavan
Jambavan: Hmm?
Sri Krishna: Yes king. Because you and not the lion, whom you easily killed with your bare hands are the actual king of the forest.
Jambavan: O my Lord.
Sri Krishna: My dear Jambavan, the reason for my visit is the Syamantaka jewel. Since the disappearance of this gem, My name has been defamed. That’s why I would very much appreciate it, if you would return the jewel to me.
Jambavan: My Lord of course. One moment please. Here please take it, for everything I possess is Yours.
Sri Krishna: Thank you. Thank you very much Jambavan.
Jambavan: And besides this jewel I would like to offer you something else. Jambavati! Can you come here please.
Jambavati? Ah Here she comes! My dear Lord, I would consider it a great honor if you would accept my daughter as your wife.
Sri Krishna: This is your daughter?
Jambavan: Huh? O No no no. This is her nanny. Eh Where is Jambavati?
Nurse: She is coming. She is coming. She is just changing her saree again!
Jambavan: Haha O my Lord, please excuse us for one moment. Here she is my Lord, my daughter Jambavati. I would consider it a great honor if You would accept her as Your wife.
Sri Krishna: My dear king, how could I refuse such an offer? Thank you. Thank you very much.
Jambavan: No thank you.
Sri Krishna: Hahaha My dear Jambavan. You should have seen the expression on your face on the moment.
Jambavan: I was very confused for…….
Scene 10
Maharaja Ugrasena: More than two weeks have passed since you returned from the forest. It appears that the Lord must have completed His pastimes on this earth and has returned to His spiritual abode. Alas. Eh Alas. the only happiness of my life has been taken away from me. This Satrajit! It is all his fault!
Ketu: Indeed my Lord. Ever since Satajit brought the Syamantka jewel into the city it has been a source of great anxiety to to to all of us.
Vijay: It is because of his poisonous gossip that Krishna went to the forest to look for the jewel and Prasena.
Attama: Well at least everyone knows now that Lord Krishna had nothing to do with the jewel's disappearance and Prasena's death.
Maharaja Ugrasena: Indeed.
Ketu: True.
Vijay: Yes. (Enter Krishna)
Sri Krishna: Grandfather. (touches Ugrasena's feet)
Maharaja Ugrasena: Krishna! O Krishna, my dear boy. Eh who is eh?
Krishna: Grandfather, I would like you to meet my wife Jambavati.
Maharaja Ugrasena: Oh eh my dear Jambavati. Welcome to the Yadu dynasty. Krishna, where did you meet her? And why have you been away so long? We were all so worried. Did you find the jewel?
Sri Krishna: Well, as you know I went inside the tunnel. There I found the jewel. But in order to get it back I had to first have a little fight with my devotee Jambavan, who due to his anger did not recognize me. Jambavan was the one, who killed the lion, who killed Prasena. After 28 days of fighting, when he finally understood who I am, He offered me both these jewels.
Maharaja Ugrasena: Hah! Jaya! Hah. O I was so worried! I was just about to curse this Satrajit. Actually I don't want to ever hear his name again in this palace.
Servant: Eh. My lords. King Satrajit.
Maharaja Ugrasena: (He and Krishna laugh) Show him in. (Both continue laughing)
Sri Krishna: Satrajit. Here is the jewel, which you thought was taken by me. You should know for sure that your brother was killed by a lion and that I was in no way connected with his death. (exit Satrajit)
Maharaja Ugrasena: T. I'm amazed at this Satrajit. He could have at least offered you an apology for all the trouble he has caused you. But what can you expect from a materialist like that.
Sri Krishna: Material wealth. You know there is a lesson to be learned from this incident. If we become too attracted to material wealth, then that very wealth will drag us to the lowest position.
Servant: Ahum. My Lords, king Satrajit would like to see You again.
Sri Krishna: Again? Show him in.
King Satrajit: Eh. Your majesty. My dear Lord Krishna, Please please forgive my offenses against you. Surely I am the most foolish man in this world. A hum. I. I’m therefore not fit to keep such a wondrous gem. So please, please take it, for there is no one save yourself, who is fit to possess it and in addition I would like You to accept the hand of my daughter Satyabhama. You must know that many princes have sought her hand, but I consider You alone are fit to be her husband.
Sri Krishna: Thank you. thank you for these gifts, but while I certainly accept the hand of your beautiful daughter I think it is better that the Syamantaka jewel remains in the temple, for then, due to its presence, there will be no more famine, contagious diseases or excessive heat or cold in the city.
King Satrajit: If you insist.
Attama: Lord Sri Krishna ki!
All: Jaya!


Urmila dasi (ACBSP): Your productions are professionally done and fascinating for both adults and children. Children who grow up listening to such dramatic renditions of Krishna's pastimes come to see Krishna consciousness as fun, and are far more likely to dedicate themselves to become devotees of Krishna than those who have not had such exposure. By absorption in Krishna's lila through these audio recordings, one comes to forget all material misery, and remember the true goal of life. One is fortunate if one can have the complete set.

Yadubara das (ACBSP): Thanks Parividha Prabhu. My daughter is enjoying your creations immensely. They are very professionally done. I would like to one day work with you on a film.

Kausalya dasi (LOK) Belgium: I know all your musicals and plays ALMOST by heart. I can hear them in my mind. I love them!!!