Performance reviews

Mahaprabhu das (Organizer ISKCON Communications Seminar 2011)
Thank you very much for coming to Radhadesh to put up your quality presentations.
All those, who saw the performances, very much appreciated your dedication,
devotional attitude and professionalism.

Bhakta das (Organizer Melbourne Rathayatra 2011)
Parividha Prabhu's performance was so entertaining to the diverse audience of both young and old.
He truly loved his act and had the crowd in fits of laughter with his unique interpretive songs.
He performed his complete musical show also for our congregation at the temples theater and at a program held at the Shiva Ashram, where again he showed his skill as an entertainer by winning
over the audience with his superb presentation of song, dance and comedy.

Dinadayal das (Secretary Euro GBC)
Your presentations at the European Leaders Meeting 2010 in Prabhupadesh were swimmingly
building mosaic of Krishna consciousness, clearly showing the way how devotional theater
and cabaret could be look like. Thank you so much for the art you are creating.

Brahma Muhurta das (Organizer Janmastami/Vyasapuja Festival 2009 Korsnasgard Sweden)
Musicals and Broadway are the antipodes of what I like in art and culture. I have no taste for Liza, cats, phantoms, or fiddlers on a roof, so when Parividha came to Sweden to perform his adaptations, I expected little. Then came the surprise. Here was something genuine and sober. Deep emotions, beautifully expressed, as if painted in movement and sound. Especially the sad songs, those sad, sad stories. About the sannyasi who had failed and was about to drown himself. About the devotee who had ended up in prison. About the father who just had lost his son. I felt the anguish and the pain of every single one of them. I was there at the Triveni, the prison, and the death bed. Once again it's proven that even Broadway, can be engaged in Krishna's service,
if done with love, devotion, sensibility, and expertise. Parividha's got it all. Highly recommended.

Rajadharma das (Organizer Lord Balarama's Festival 2009 New Mayapur France)
Parividha prabhu is a great stage performer, who brought color, animation and great fun to
our festival. Although the circumstances were very difficult, with the CD player not functioning properly and with no stage, he performed impeccably, endowed with immense self control.
He's a treasure house of humor, poetry and tolerance and can so nicely entertain an audience. Parividha prabhu and his team: A performance not to be missed!

Baladeva Keilman (Organizer Kulimela Radhadesh 2008)
I was very happy to see that the Kulimela crowd of primarily vaishnava / ISKCON youth
was captivated by your performance. I noticed my father was laughing furiously for one.
Thank you for everything.

Ravin Ganatra (Organizer Janmastami/Vyasapuja Festival 2008 at the Manor)
Just a quick note to say Thank You for your participation. I have had much good feedback.

Vedanta-krit das (Organizer Nrsimha Caturdasi Festival 2008 at Simhacalam, Germany)
We're very thankful for enriching our festival with the sophisticated and entertaining art of
your one-man theater. Judging from the cheerful faces and roaring applause of the five hundred devotees, they loved it. Amongst your expertise is to combine Krishna conscious lyrics with
well known music and glorify Srila Prabhupada and the Lord with it as well.

Param Gati Swami (Organizer Lord Balarama's Festival at New Mayapur France 2008)
I'd like to express my deep gratitude to your work. The lyrics are profound, filled with Krishna Consciousness and a good sense of humor. Your professional performance here in New Mayapur, which was free of flaws, magnetized the audience and kept us all eager to hear more.

Visvambara das (Organizer UK Sankirtan Festival 2007)
Thank you so much for entertaining the devotees at the Manor.
It was the cream of the Xmas marathon festival.

Malati dasi (Organizer Radhadesh Congregation Festival 2007)
Thanks to you our Christmas dinner here in Radhadesh for the congregation was a memorable success. From the thunderous applause and the very positive reactions of our guests it was obvious how everybody enjoyed your live performance of your Soul Time CD's.

Sivarama Swami: I thought your songs at the sankirtan festival were excellent.

Lokanath Swami: Your presentation on Srila Prabhupada's disapp. day was quite outstanding.

Mangalananda das (BBS): Culture is a very valuable asset in our society and as time progresses we become more conscious of it. Parividha Prabhu, as a marvelous and expert advocate, combined the different elements of cabaret, comedy and theater into vaishnava context. Without the adding of Krishna by a genuine vaishnava, all the culture in this world are just like pieces of broken glass. Through his matchless gift we were able to enjoy during the Euro GBC meetings the real gem of entertainment, which was delightful and a feast for the soul.

Praghosha das (SDG): Your performance at the 2007 UK Sankirtan Festival at the Bhaktivedanta Manor was both unique, committed, heartfelt and well delivered.

Candramauli Swami: Creative, innovative, serious and very funny with the ability to absorb one in various moods of devotional sentiment, replete with an interesting selection of KC themes.

Bhakti Caitanya Swami: Your mood brought a serious focus to the message of the songs,

which was very serious. I thoroughly enjoyed it as a Krishna conscious musical experience.

Janananda Goswami: You really give yourself, sharing the essence of communication, your heart. Thank you. Prabhupada so much wanted a cultural revolution. You are certainly offering your part

to the full in what I saw and heard. Play your part and touch the heart.

Prahladananda Swami: I appreciated the lyrics and your performance.

Bhakti Vrajendranandana Swami: A real good performance of singing, acting and dancing.

Kadamba Kanana Swami: Parividha took us beyond a stage performance. He gave us a glimpse into his own deep thoughts and realizations of what it means to live as a vaisnava. His lyrics had various themes full of dilemma and sincerity. It is a valuable contribution of spiritual importance that gives us deep insight in what it means to be a devotee.

Mahadyuti das (ACBSP): I thought the performance was EXCELLENT! - I especially liked the snappy, danceable songs. Stage presence, music, voice, humorous intros. Everything was great.

Vaidyanath das (ACBSP): Devotees are a special brand. From your long experience in our midst
you know the ups and downs we can go through in our attempts to lead a Vedic life.  By putting all this into the context of comedy and art, your performance helped us smile about our little
entanglements. and was an essential asset to our celebration of Lord Nrsimhadeva's app. day.

Visuddha-sattva das (ACBSP): In the charming environment of the MVT gardens with the sweet breezes of the Kartik season, I enjoyed, in the association of many devotees, your very nice and inspiring performance. Your delicious voice shows how it is possible to give Krishna consciousness through the human voice, transferring the essence of music to the higher spiritual level.
I pray to Srila Prabhupada to give you more inspiration to please the devotees and suffering jivas.

Tattvavit das (ACBSP): Trained in acting and singing, Parividha capured and held my attention
with his technical skills. I listened knowing that Krishna gave the song writers their ability.

Jaya Bhadra dasi (ACBSP): Humor, nostalgia, intense enthusiasm, great hope and inspiration.
It's all there in this lively, well-sequenced performance. Don't miss it! It's a must!

Yaduvendu das (ACBSP): Just wanted to say that you were great. Loved it and loved you.
You were born to be a song and dance man in a dhoti.

Marutvati dasi (ACBSP): Though I've seen most of Parividha's work, of which I am very fond of,
he surprised me again by dressing successful musical songs into a Krishna conscious coat.
It was nectar to the ears to hear those beautiful melodies with lyrics that actually make sense.

Gopaswami das (ACBSP): In an original one-man show, he is boldly expressing himself as an
individual, gifted with artistic professionalism, heart moving feelings and devotional realizations.
I felt proud of him.

Kripamoya das (ACBSP): Many years ago the great grandfather of our movement, Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur, used to take the popular songs of the day and substitute devotional lyrics. By linking music that was already popular with glorification of Krishna, he succeeded in introducing pure sankirtan to many thousands of souls. Knowing that the mission of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu would ultimately reach every town and village in the entire world, he predicted that in the future Vaishnavas of many countries would praise Krishna in their own unique words and musical style. Parividha prabhu's singing combines both Bhaktivinode Thakura's songwriting tactic and his prediction and is therefore not only authorized as pure sankirtan but a fulfillment of our acarya's prophecy. While singing in the English language may be regarded as a curious novelty by some devotees - and a dangerous challenge to the linguistic purity of our sampradaya to others - it should be remembered that to get people singing about Krishna is our entire business. (Srila Prabhupada seemed to be most encouraging to George Harrison in this regard). In the songs he succeeds in the same way as he succeeds in his musical dramas. He's always faithful to Srila Prabhupada's words and intentions He succeeds in capturing the teachings, moods and sentiments of the pure Vaishnavas, while at the same time preserving the popular music and style. Parividha das is always a consummate Vaishnava in his dealings with others and a professional showman when on stage. He acts and sings as if it were his divine service offering to Krishna, as sacred as his puja on the altar, which indeed it is. His live renditions of these songs conveys such depth of feeling that audiences have been moved to tears with one song, and collapsed with laughter during another. Whether you know these songs or not, try to get hold of the CD and try to see a live performance if you can.

Vyswambhara das (ACBSP): Your performance was professional and inspiring. Lord Krsna has obviously given you great acting talent and I can only hope that you will continue your efforts to present Krsna consciousness trough this medium, and also train others to do the same. The entertainment industry is a huge business in the world at this time, but only devotees can factually educate while entertaining. May the blessings of Srila Prabhupada be upon your efforts.

Saringa Thakur das (ACBSP): Your performance in Alachua was very liberating.
Genuine like traveling through our emotional/devotional lives with a guide/friend

Mrdani dasi (ACBSP): I'm very grateful to have witnessed your creative presentation and very
individual performance of the essence of our spiritual life's journey in a humorous and clever way.

Krsna-ksetra das (ACBSP): He expertly and sensitively brings us a fresh and enlivening dimension
of Krsna conscious 'cultural conquest'. Everyone with a sense for the devotional sublime
interpretation of 'West Side Story, Les Misérables and even Cabaret', will relish the mix.

Kanta dasi (ACBSP): Your professionalism is a joy to watch and very entertaining!

Amoghavirya das (ACBSP): Professional and very sweet. Parividha can "speak" with a shrug
of his shoulders or a light twist of his hips and his eyebrows sing songs of their own!

Aditi dasi (ACBSP): I very much enjoyed the range of emotions expressed in your songs.

Syamasundari dasi (ACBSP): Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation and great service.
It was very professional. Very humorous and very sad at times. You are very talented.

Nrsimhananda das (ACBSP): Your sincerity and charm, poise and skill, voice and expressions
were most endearing. I enjoyed it immensely. An unusual manifestation of yukta vairaigya.

Arcana-siddhi dasi (ACBSP): Your are a very talented singer and actor with a penetrating presence.
I felt much sincerity in your performance here at Prabhupada's village.

Gurubhakta dasi (ACBSP): Your performance in Hillsborough touched me deeply. I had listened
to your Soul Time CD before. The lyrics are wonderful and spiritually enlivening. Seeing you
putting your heart and soul into singing the songs in such a pure devotional way was amazing.

Gokulananda das (ACBSP): Krsna-ized tunes with heart-felt, often inspiring sentiments.

Pavitra dasi (ACBSP): You brought some culture to Alachua.

Batu Gopal das (ACBSP): Thanks very much for coming to Hillsborough and performing for us.
It was just great! I pray to Lord Caitanya that many devotees will get the opportunity to see it.

Aparva das (ACBSP): Thank you for the experience of joy, sadness, inspiration,
forgiveness and love, all on the transcendental platform. An awesome experience.

Kamalini dasi (ACBSP): Spell-bounding! I found myself evoked to laughter, joy, sorrow and tears.

Madhuha das (ACBSP): Your lyrics conveyed so many real life situations. In Prabhupada's village
you captured these feelings and emotions that most of us experience or have experienced and you
were able to express them in such an artistic way.

Puskar das (ACBSP): A very professional, entertaining, unique method of presenting KC.

Satyahit das (ACBSP): Your performance was heart felt and heart given.

Pancharatna das (ACBSP): Thank you for your wonderful presentation in Vrindavan.

Atmanananda das (ACBSP): When you "performed" your two songs at Srila
Prabhupada's disappearance day in Vrindavan, I was highly impressed and moved.

Gauri das (TKG) UK: Your songs were joyful, entertaining and moving. You have captured
the simplicity and essential joys of our movement, while at the same time graphically portrays
the sadness and challenges that a mature practitioner may encounter.

Jaya Rama das (HDG): You wowed the congregation in Miami with your flawless performance.
We can't wait to have you back again!

Puspa Gopal dasi (Spain): The lyrics, composed with such sensitivity, really touched my heart.

Sita Rama das (SRS) England: Fun! Entertaining! A 'Master of Ceremonies'!

Bhagavati dasi (KKS): I watched and was transfixed. The beautiful lyrics cover a wide range
of vaishnava emotions, which perfectly matched all the music, as if written for this sole purpose.

Dayavira das USA: We were very surprised and pleased with your unique and wonderful performance, with which you created a blissful atmosphere.

Caitanya Candra das  Because it tends to bring the consciousness back to "those" days, I don't like songs being Krsna-ized, but because he's such a good actor/singer I enjoyed it very much.

Tarunyamrita dasi Belgium: Your presentation was really touching.

Sri Phralada das (HDG): The performance had a winning combination of feeling and and professionalism. As a trained actor, dancer and singer, Parividha Prabhu's vocal range and tone precision were impressive, and his body movements full of expression and coordination.
The lyrics were clever, touching on a range of topics. The audience experienced it as a festival of swinging devotional moods such as laughter, sadness, grief, wonder, excitement and celebration.

Ekacakragram das (LOK): I was spell bound by his sublime presentation. Straight from the heart,
full of varied emotions, presented in a professional way. It gave me goose bumps several times.

Guru Charan das (TKG) Italy: I liked his artistic skills, his sensitivity and especially his devotion.

Hara Prana dasi (RNS): To see him perform with so much empathy was for me another confirmation of his professionalism. His lyrics, beautiful and deep, full of emotion and
devotion, sometimes make you laugh, while other times you find yourself crying.

Raja Vidya das Holland: You don't have to be a musical fan to be able to appreciate the songs. Especially the way they have been transformed into little journeys, traveling through experiences one can relate to in a wonderful and magical way. I was touched by a variety of emotions.
Tears and laughter, smiles and shivers. Only a gifted actor can turn you from one emotion into the other, knowing exactly when to use subtlety or not If I could capture it in one word or expression it would be similar to this one dish we all know: SIMPLY WONDERFUL...!!

Maha Laxmi dasi Spain: It was great! Because of his dedication, seriousness, jolly mood,
beautiful voice and his desire of pleasing the devotees I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end.

Gopisvari dasi (RNS): You get serious messages across in a very creative and fun way! It's great
to see a devotee using his unique talent in service to Krsna. This inspires others to develop and use
their particular talents too, which I think is important for a happy society of devotees.

Laksmi Rupa dasi (JPS) Denmark: I loved it! I felt alive, exited, inspired and filled with emotions.
A little shy and maybe embarrassed because you so bravely shared your deepest and innermost feeings in a very beautiful graceful and confident professional way. As a member of the audience, I was also swept trough happiness, longing, gratitude, sorrow, love and hope. Laughing, crying and gaping. I sucked in everything as a dry sponge. I wondered after wards why it had touched me so strongly, and I think the reason is that in ISKCON we are lacking the dramatic arts, whereby we can identify ourselves with the actor or singer. Thank you for enthusing us all in living an emotional Krishna Conscious life with the help of your dramatic singing.

Janmastami das (LOK): It was more than some real nice transcendental entertainment as it gave
an opportunity to understand the feelings of devotees, who go through certain trials.
It is a contribution in our attempts to deal with our feelings, rather than to ignore or deny them.

Gandharvika dasi (BCS): You literally moved me to tears. First of laughter then to sadness.
Churning the whole range of emotions in me. You are expert at plucking at one's heartstrings.

Anubhava das Italy: What I appreciated the most in his performance was his ability in keeping
the audience "float" on the waves produced by the different variety of emotions of his lyrics.
A very professional contribution to the development of the cultural identity of our movement.

Dina Bandhu das (BKG) Belgium: Parividha Prabhu is a very powerful performer blessed with
great mimics, who can make you smile and make you cry.

Vasudeva das (KKS): Parividha Prabhu's performance was astounding. Highly professional,
original and entertaining. It touched my heart. I experienced the songs as an ode to life as a
devotee in ISKCON, with all its beauty and ugliness, hopes and horrors, sorrows and ecstasies.